“The love for the sport hasn’t died,” says Angus

Having lost to Guadeloupe 19-5, the Green Machine must now regroup, as they will now have to focus their attention on the RAN 7, to be held in the Cayman Islands during the first week of July, 2019.
The side played lacklustre rugby, allowing the Guadeloupe side — who were at a climatic disadvantage — to dominate the entire game.
Speaking with Guyana Times Sport, Guyana Rugby 15s captain Jamal Angus said, “We weren’t sticking to the plays enough. We, as the players, have to take that on our shoulders. We could have done a lot more work sticking to our game plan and adjusting to what was in front of us. We need to be adaptable and very much strong and united as a team.”
Angus also said that in terms of the ball not being passed to the wing on many occasions, it was merely ‘a bad day at the office’. He noted that in a game of 15s there are moments that the wing rarely sees the ball.
He, moreover, said that although the Green Machine have tallied many consecutive defeats under their belt, they still continue to play the sport because of the burning passion they have as a unit. Angus noted that the love for the sport hasn’t died, but more preparation is needed for the upcoming games.
Head Coach Kenneth Grant-Stuart said the team was match ready, but the defeat came about because of poor decisions made at crucial moments in the game. He hinted that personnel changes will be considered for future engagements, but as of now, it is time for the Green Machine to go back to the drawing board and see where they had gone wrong.