The morning after…

…the Congress

The word “congress” has two distinct meanings; first: there’s the more popular one – “a formal meeting where people come together to discuss issues or questions. It often refers to the legislative branch of a nation’s government, such as the US Congress, but it can also refer to any important meeting or official organization.” So, we had the Indian National Congress formed all the way back in 1885, and of course the African National Congress – which must’ve inspired LFSB to dub his breakaway faction of the PPP (after his drubbing by Cheddi) as the Peoples’ National Congress.
Of recent, of course, they’ve been frantically trying to play down the notoriety of the PNC by calling it APNU!!
But there’s that second meaning that most don’t know about: “carnal knowledge, coition, coitus, congress, copulation, intercourse, relation, sex act, sexual intercourse, sexual relation”!!! So, we gotta be careful when we tell folks, “We’re going to congress”!! Knowing folks might ask archly, “With whom??”!!
Anyhow, now that the dust has settled after the PPP Congress – which was a meeting to discuss issues, thank you!! – maybe we can talk about some of what went down there!! And for what it’s worth, over in Leonora, from where Pressie hails, to “kick dust” means to dance with fervour!! So, maybe the dust from his exertions in this art form has also settled!! As if rigging elections with soiled bedsheets is dignified!!
Well, the Leonora contingent didn’t just “kick dust”, but kicked up a storm among the chatterati, who revel in dissecting anything the PPP does!! They’re worse than paparazzi!! The Leonorians moved a motion that the words “socialism” and “Marxism-Leninism” be expunged from the PPP’s constitution!! They’d been put there by no other than Cheddi Jagan himself – after a meeting he attended in Moscow in 1969.
After years of playing coy about his ideological stance between the “capitalism” practised by the US and the “socialism” practised by the Soviets, Jagan decided to call a red a red!!
But you can’t dip your toe into the same river twice, can you?? Not only would the river have changed as it flowed, but also your toe!! And so the world has changed, Guyana has changed, and the PPP has changed – especially on economic equity, which Socialism and Marxism-Leninism tried to address at the turn of the last century!! In this brave new world, it’s not theory – but sobering PRACTICE – that’s shown it’s foolish to blindly follow this or that “ism” when the goal promised – economic prosperity for all and sundry – is always “mañana”!!
What the PPP must be saying is: in the new dispensation, workers and business owners aren’t automatically enemies; we must all work together to build a better Guyana!!

…the fighter planes’ flyover
It’s not every day of the year we get to experience fighter jets flying over our not-so-glorious capital!! And US fighter jets to boot!! So, what’s this all about? Inquiring minds want to know. Was it connected to the expunging of “socialism” and “Marxism-Leninism” from the PPP’s constitution?? Quite possibly!! When those Congressmen from the far right, who control the US purse strings, ask why America seems to be cozying up with Guyana, we can’t have them hear that Guyana’s ruled by Commies, can we??
As we learned more than half a century ago, even intelligent Americans get all bassidy when they hear the words “socialism” – much less “Marxism-Leninism”!! So, what’s in a name, anyway?? The Chinese leader Deng said, “It doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white – once it catches mice!!” And look how far they’ve progressed since then!! We can’t do worse, can we?? Starting as the poster child for poverty in the 50s, China now has more billionaires than the USA!!
Guyana?? Soon!!

…the accusation
Rape isn’t a subject to satirize. At least not by your Eyewitness. He hopes there’s a full and TRANSPARENT investigation into the allegations from both parties, and that justice be done. Today’s Mother’s Day, and it matters.