The Opposition must get off that negative platform

Dear Editor,
The Opposition have to get off that platform of negatives they are presently portraying; it is neither doing them nor the nation any good. A campaign of negativity tells everyone that the Opposition are bereft of ideas, and, as such, want their followers to be of that mindset also.
Pretty soon that irresponsible behaviour would backfire on them, and they would reap the rewards of their evil deeds.
A fledgling developing nation such as ours can ill afford the backwardness and pessimism that are coming from the Opposition; it is truly obnoxious.
What the people of Guyana want, or what they are looking forward to, is an Opposition who would come to the table with positive and progressive ideas that would augur well in the co-governance of this country.
I am looking at the report card of the Opposition, and what I see is a mountain of negatives: in agriculture, in education, in crime fighting; you name it, and the PNC are there as an irritating annoyance, standing in the way, ready to block the peaceful and progressive path of the Government. It is an irreversible obstructionist stance, taken ever since they lost the last general elections. This is a vivid example of their settled subversive way of thinking.
The highwater mark of their negativity comes across in the handling of the coronavirus issue. Their position has been most unfortunate, especially when they keep pushing that “My body my choice” position. This has been the most reckless and irresponsible call to date, because it has succeeded in endangering the lives of so many people.
When a party can be so callous and heartless, it shows the depths to which they are prepared to go to score cheap political points. They do not care about people, they care only about themselves; and in this regard, I view this as a crime against humanity.
People are dying while the political Opposition posture with this foolishness of “my body my choice.” But their efforts at obstructing progress will not succeed; I repeat, their efforts at obstructing progress will not succeed, because with every negative effort to derail the process comes another progressive alternative set out by the Government.
Guyana is on the threshold of becoming the next Singapore of the world; with the fastest growing economy in the world, we will not be bogged down by the retrograde thinking of a minority. We are on an upward trajectory, and on this road, negative forecasters would not be accommodated, nor would they be allowed to impede our progress.

Neil Adams