The perception worsens

Dear Editor,
The recent article on the status of the investigation of the murder of young Haresh Singh raises much concern. The lack of a status update to the family and perceived lack of continued work to solve the murder is a situation that we cannot permit to continue.
We have seen the violence around the murders in the African-Guyanese community and the open attacks on the Indian-Guyanese community as a result of increasing hate and ongoing political controversy. The Police and the current administration must ensure that we do not risk the resumption of violence due to the perceived neglect by the Police. They already suffer from the perception of being racist against the Indian-Guyanese community and biased towards supporting the African-Guyanese community. For this reason, CRG is calling upon the national security apparatus to ensure that swift justice is pursued and achieved in this unfortunate hate crime, that has stained our nation. It is becoming very clear how divided our society is at this stage of its development.
The leaders of the Opposition, who called for justice for the murders in the African-Guyanese community, should also be calling for the same level of justice for the Indian Guyanese community. The Guyana Police Force must move quickly to correctly solve these murders before the level of hate in our society becomes uncontrollable and unfixable.

With increasing
Jamil Changlee