The PNC wants to be a vibrant Opposition

Dear Editor,
I was in a conversation with a staunch APNU/PNCR supporter and from the tone of things, that party wants to be a vibrant opposition just like the PPP/C when they were in Opposition.
Well, my response to that proposition was that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that approach, it is the modern, forward-thinking way to keep the Government of the day engaged, in other words, keep them in the straight and narrow. This is good for any country, especially for Guyana.
Then, in similar tones, I concur that an invitation from the same Government that they would like to meet with the Opposition should be welcomed with open arms. I am speaking about President Irfaan Ali convening a meeting of past Presidents as a gesture of goodwill and progressive approach.
That the Government and Opposition must together be locked in earnest discussion with each other for the good of this nation. It would be the most enlightening thing to have ever graced the halls of this great country. And again, I say this should be welcomed with open arms.
Now, that invitation was turned down by Mr Granger, I do not know whether he was intimidated or whatever was his hang-ups but the point is he missed out on a golden opportunity to prove himself worthy of being part of the developmental thrust for this nation. The Government for its part has left the door open for future engagements with Mr Granger, for him to come on board and make his contribution to nation-building.
However, to date, the actions of the PNC are irritatingly outdated and worrisome, because Mr Granger had rather sit it out in the wings acting very infantile at best, if not openly stupid in others. I am talking about him looking here and looking there to exploit any available opportunity to stir up trouble, this does not make for a strong Opposition, it may only seek to alienate well-meaning people from the party. That naked Burnhamite aggression that has so infected that party has certainly run them into ruin. That form of backwardness will not work in the modern world.
So, I am saying it is enough to be annoyed with the PPP/C – that is Granger’s right – but that does not give him any right to be annoyed with the people of this country. Our motto speaks of peace, progress and inclusivity.
Finally, in the new dispensation of Guyanese politics, there should be no one left out of the round table discussions on things developmental for our country. The ideas, views and projections of both Government and Opposition must be accommodated. The strong dogmatic approach of pure party politics must be done away with, as we set sail in the inclusive zone of nation-building.

Neil Adams