The PNC’s…

Some folks are still naïve enough to express surprise at the PNC, in general, and its leader David Granger, in particular, sticking his middle finger at the Constitution and into the eyes of the people of Guyana. His latest outrage was to inform the Leader of the Opposition that he and his Cabinet aren’t going to resign – ’cause the CCJ didn’t say that!! Never mind the crystal-clear language of Art 106 (6) – that the President and the Cabinet SHALL resign at the passage of a NCM. The PNC is just acting in line with its bullyism culture.
But we shouldn’t be surprised if we remember Granger’s fair-haired and blue-eyed Attorney General Basil Williams’ outburst just a couple of days ago at the business and diplomatic community at the Marriott to the Opposition’s insistence that elections can still be held in a timely fashion through the Claims and Objections process. Williams reminded all and sundry that this would bring down all hell on the PPP supporters and their businesses in Georgetown!!
But we can see brutish values as part of a wider phenomenon arising from diseased responses to sociological challenges that transgress all the rules of the game and create new ones based on the law of the jungle. In much of the third world, the philosophy was transferred into the world of politics and the politicians harnessed the frustrations of their members against the “system” into nihilistic roving bands that wreaked havoc at will.
The PNC, from this perspective, is a thug political party; as much as the Papa Doc Duvalier had his Touton Macoute in Haiti. They were all willing to have their members operate outside the pale and use the law of the jungle in dealing with the world – especially with those who stood in their way. Might becomes right. We have to remember the PNC crafted their infamous X-13 Plan that involved murders, bombings, arson and beatings of the political Opposition. Their leadership was listed in the documents that were uncovered by the Police in their raid of PNC HQ. Hamilton Green is one name who’s still alive and kicking.
The bullyism elements took over even when the PNC was ensconced in office— witness the “choke and rob” gangs, the “kick-down-the-door” bandits, Hoyte’s draping of the Golden Arrowhead over Blackie London’s coffin, his “slow fyaah, mo’ fyaah” strategy that morphed into the Freedom Five of Camp Street and Buxton.
Granger’s legal advisor is the same man who was caught on tape with the then COP guffawing over their efforts to “head off” official inquiries into the Agricola massacre.
Why would he advise #1 anything else other than giving the middle finger to the Opposition Leader?

…blind eye
One thing about this outlaw culture, only their leaders can impose sanctions on members – not the society nor the law. After all, they’re a law unto themselves. It’s from this perspective, we’ve got to evaluate Granger using his presidential prerogative to grant a “respite” to his financial hatchet man Winston Jordan from serving jail time on his flagrant contempt of court action.
The Doctrine was most explicitly enunciated; however, in the scandal over Simona “I is” Broomes fracas with two security guards who dared to enforce parking rules that would’ve delayed her getting to her fried rice by a few minutes!! After a video showed that the poor guards were only doing their job and “I is” was playing big and bad – as the PNC’s code enunciates! Granger ruled that only the PNC could sanction her! And nothing’s been heard about the matter again.
So now that the Carberry Commission has determined Sarabo-Halley wrongfully dismissed her staff, don’t expect any sanctions.
Granger’s myrmidons have the post-Rodney WPA covered!!

…pressure on GECOM
Granger has summoned GECOM – the week before they’re supposed to pronounce on their readiness for elections – and a day after the CJ rules on H2H.
It’s like the Godfather saying, “Let’s set a meeting”!!