The truth will come to light

Dear Editor,
Lots have been said about the alleged incident concerning Shawnette Bollers and Nirvan Singh, and all that was spoken and written about, carry a narrative that seems to suggest that Mr Singh is guilty! How ironic.
I attended school with Nirvan Singh and throughout my school life, I have never heard a word depicting narcissism or racism in him. My memory of him is that he is a wonderful and caring young man who always maintains close relationships with everyone.
The incident with Miss Bollers was an unfortunate one and his father, who is also the former Chancellor of the Judiciary – Justice Carl Singh, issued an apology to her. For me that does not say that Nirvan is guilty of her allegations; when the truth is told then all those who are making it a social and class issue would be surprised. I must commend Justice Singh, a man of his stature, to apologise to her, it shows his humility and magnanimity.
We are all aware that the brothers of prophet Joseph/Yusuff carried and returned to their father with blood-stained clothes, claiming that a wolf snatched him while they were playing. Many years later the truth surfaced and he had become one of the Kings of Egypt. All too often the one who screams the loudest has something to hide.
My understanding is that a few days before this incident Miss Bollers was very abusive to Mrs Singh and she is always in the habit of showing attitude and the night of the incident she had Nirvan waiting for over twenty minutes. This is what sparked the incident. Now to be logical, Police in this country have always shown power to citizens. I find it difficult to comprehend that Miss Bollers didn’t say a word.
Every day I drive in Georgetown, I am subjected to racial abuse in the vilest manner “you collie this and you collie that” and all of it is from women of African descent. I would also respond in a similar manner. Does this suggest that I am a racist? I am mixed anyway.
I have also witnessed so many women of Indian descent beaten, robbed and treated in the most disdainful manner by a particular ethnicity “in full view of the world” and not a word of condemnation is said from the same group that is so passionate about justice for Miss Bollers.
I hope that very soon the facts will become available and it’s not another case of extortion as we can see in the lawsuit filed for $150 million by her attorney.

Yours truly,
Hana Mohamed