There should be fines and suspensions for those PNC Members

Dear Editor,
Ever since the PNC were rebuffed with that storming of Parliament, we were all put on notice as to the true intent of the PNC in the House. Their intentions are to create and sustain an atmosphere of hooliganism and confusion, and they expect no one to stop them.
They were already irritated over the fact that they could not achieve their objective with that Donald Trump-style storming of the House, so they have now resorted to the other plan: to make trouble at every available opportunity. The starting point of that thuglike plan was when the Parliamentarian Patterson scaled a Police barricade and kicked an officer in the process. His actions – which were senseless and deplorable, to say the least – should have led to his arrest and charges being laid against him. However, when that did not materialise, Patterson and his PNC thugs became emboldened to carry out more outrageous behaviour.
The tirade continued with some more alarming accusations of missing laptops and missing notebooks, all of which were recovered right at the very place they claim to have been lost. A point to note here is that we are not talking about 5-year-olds who might have mistakenly left their belongings behind and were somehow befuddled as to where they could find them, we are talking about a clear case of grown adults on a deliberate campaign to create a brawl and stir up trouble.
Now, the latest fiasco was set in motion when the notorious Keith Lowenfield approached Mr McCoy to hurl remarks at him. Now, the questions I would like to ask are: “What was Lowenfield doing there?” and, “Why did he approach the Minister in the first place?” A person of the notoriety of Keith Lowenfield should not be anywhere near the democratic halls of Parliament; his place is in a court of law, when he would have to answer questions as to his attempts to rig the election. So, in what capacity or under whose instructions he was there is yet to be deduced.
Subsequent to that ignominious meet, it was Miss Sarabo-Halley’s turn to approach the Minister and keep up the tirade. Now, why she did approach the Minister is another cause for concern; however, what is clear is that she was there to bring down the curtain in another public showdown of a street-side brawl.
Now, after that Wednesday evening tirade, two things readily come to mind:(a) The Speaker has to take decisive action as it relates to the preservation of law and order in Parliament and its precincts. At its next sitting, someone should move a motion to suspend the ringleaders from the House. This nonsense has to stop right now! The Speaker’s decision must send the clear message that no longer would thuggish street behaviour be allowed in the hallowed precincts of the House. And when I say this, I am asking the Speaker to disregard any attempts to furnish an apology from the hooligans. This foolishness has gone too far, and no amends can be made to correct it now.
Secondly, Minister McCoy should take the matter to court, and with the appropriate compensation to go with this matter – the CCTV cameras are there to substantiate his case – those brawlers must realise that this nonsense must be brought to a screeching halt.
No more will we tolerate this sort of behaviour. It is high time for this sick joke to come to an end!

Neil Adams