Thieves raid 3 Linden churches

A number of items have been reported missing from three Linden churches after thieves raided the places of worship between Tuesday and Saturday.
According to Police, Flourishing Place Apostolistic Ministry Jubilee Centre located at Richmond Hill, Mackenzie, Linden, was robbed of an amplifier valued at $40,000, an audio mixer valued at $30,000 and a gift set, which consisted of a cologne and watch.
Reports are that the church building was secured on Tuesday at about 20:45h with everything intact, however, on Saturday at about 09:10h, it was re-opened to facilitate preparations for service when it was discovered that the window and door situated on the eastern side of the building were opened and the items missing. A report was made to the Police who have since launched an investigation.
Additionally, a number of items were reported missing from the MacKenzie Baptist Church situated at Wismar Street, Mackenzie, Linden. These include a keyboard power cord, valued $5000 and a bag of clothes, which included several pants and shirts.
The items were reported missing between Friday and Saturday.
According to information, following choir practice on Friday the church was secured with everything intact at about 20:30h.
However, on Saturday at about 06:30h when the building was opened to facilitate cleaning, it was discovered that the window in the toilet area was removed and the items were missing. The western door to the back of the church was found opened. A report was later made to Police.
The Prayer Worship Church located at Lot 6 Crabwood Street, Mackenzie, Linden, is the third place of worship to have reported stolen items, which occurred between Thursday and Saturday.
An amplifier valued at $30,000, two five-inch speaker boxes, each valued at $30,000 and six electrical fans were reported missing. Police said that at about 19:00h on Thursday, the premises were secured leaving everything intact, following a prayer meeting.
However, on Saturday at about 08:45h, the cleaner opened the building and discovered the items missing. Police are investigating. (G13)