Things fall apart…

…cause the centre leads
Every day, you open the paper — any paper, save the poor Chronic that’s being micro-managed by Nagamootoo’s water boy — you’re hit by another news about thiefin’ by one Government flunkey or another. Yesterday was some AFC-appointed NCN minion in Berbice raiding the cookie jar; and even though fired once, he keeps popping up like the proverbial bad penny, because of some AFC godfather.
But this last one that was exposed on Sunday — about officials stealing from the programme that’s supposed to give some victuals (“vittles”) to malnourished kids — takes the cake; pardon the cruel pun. And they condemn “taking candy from a baby”…this is a million times worse! A candy isn’t a matter of life and stunted growth, like the feeding programme is. But you’ll never hear anything about this Government being a kleptocracy. No siree Bob! That’s reserved for the PPP, even though up to now it’s been the Govt just “throwing shade”!
But you really can’t blame the boys and girls in the lower echelons for their runnings, can you? ‘Cause they’re just TRYING to imitate their bosses; and their thiefing is but a pale imitation! What do you tell that cop who stops you and extorts a fried rice?  Like Audreyanna Thomas, do you promise to start a collections plate to “top them up”? Why do they have to take charity when the Government promised in its Manifesto to give them a “substantial” raise; but not only reneged, but awarded THEMSELVES a 50% raise!!
Why should, say, the small miners declare all their hard-mined gold, when they know a certain Minister in the sector has leased her lands to a big mining company, and is raking in the big bucks PLUS the mega salary PLUS the 0,000 monthly rental PLUS the gardener and maid and cook and driver with the “shine ride”?? Pick a Government department — any department….use any methodology, including eenie, meenie, miney moe or whatever…and you’ll find the top dog sucking on some real juicy meat. Why shouldn’t the underlings suck some bones, at least?
And the man who was supposed to implement a Code of Conduct with teeth is now the cat who’s overseeing the biggest pitcher of milk…ooops!…oil!! And he won’t reveal the terms of the contract on what Guyana’s supposed to get for that oil. Do you, dear reader, think all those underlings that’ll be hired to “oversee” the oil sector haven’t seen how the breeze’s blowing?
But actually, it’s a storm that ultimately will wash them all away, if we the Guyanese people wake up and smell the stench by 2020.
That’s when your eyes are supposed to be “clean”!

…on the Parking meters
Well, looks like MAPM folks know a “cock” when they see one. Now that the PNC-dominated City Council has outvoted (by one!) the valiant efforts of some to clean up the droppings of the Gang of Four and the Smart City parking horses, they see the fix coming up as plain as day. All this talk about “re-negotiating” the contract is conceding that there IS a contract. And once that’s conceded, all is lost!
The Smart City grifters will simply dig their heels in and call the shots. What MAPM has to do is: accept Georgetown needs parking meters, but insist on a NEW contract that’ll observe the LAW. Like having Smart City and WHOEVER’s interested to submit bids. It was this wilful omission by the Gang of Four that made the present contract void, ab initio (as Mustache man is wont to say!).
In the meantime, MAPM should once again convince their upscale members.
It’s their action “in the streets” that earned them their “street cred”!

…on imbibing alcohol
Say it ain’t so!! Not satisfied with his 2am curfew, the Public Service Minister now wants sale of alcohol only to 21-year-olds and up.
He knew he started on bush rRum at 14! But then again, look how he turned out!!