This social media posting a cyber crime

Dear Editor,
There is in circulation a Facebook posting of the Guyana Government voting against a United Nations Resolution on a call for action for the elimination of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. That posting, which has the UN logo affixed to it, was made by a known PNC party hack, a person who is rabidly opposed to anything progressive the PPP/C Government stands for, hence it comes as no surprise that he would post such misleading news.
Now, this writer might argue that he has the right to post dissenting views of the government, something which comes under the category of free speech, however, he is totally out of place to give an illegal posting especially since it comes under the caption of the United Nations logo. This is grossly misleading and libellous literature and I hope the Government can take him up in court and make him pay dearly for his lies. Such blatant disregard for the truth is unacceptable and all efforts should be made to address this.
Guyana can ill afford to have such diabolical elements rumour-mongering in gay abandon, it is certainly a sick joke that needs to stop now! A sound monetary judgement in a court of law would teach him a lesson not to bring an international organisation into ill repute with his mindless intelligence. It will also teach him to direct his energies into some useful purpose.

Neil Adams