Time to be prepared for flood season

Dear Editor,
The next rainy season is quickly approaching and it is now time to finish maintenance on the pumps, conclude reinforcement of the kokers and clearing of the drains. All the repairs to the seawalls should be nearing conclusion so that this flood season may be uneventful. Past years have been disappointing due to weakening structure and lack of preparation. We all look forward to this season being different and a holiday season where we may all enjoy being with family without any natural disasters. Everyone expects the team in charge of helping their fellow citizens stay safe during this season will be given the resources they need to be better prepared. No one expects oversleeping to play a role this year. With the newly available resources, additional manpower can be hired to ensure around the clock monitoring when necessary. As always, we must prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee