Too early for Mayor to make such harsh conclusion/condemnation

Dear Editor,
Recent comments and statements attributed to recently installed His Worship of Georgetown about the Public Relations (PR) Department at City Hall if true, does not augur well for cooperation, trust and confidence building, in that beleaguered organisation.
To bluntly and openly state that the services of the PR unit will not be sought, and His Worship will execute all PR needed for his office and the department is a waste of resources, such scare resources which were already budgeted for, is condemning the department without giving it a proper chance to correct its deficiencies and shortcomings.
It is just too early in his mayorship to make such a harsh conclusion/condemnation.
It is hoped that better sense would prevail, and all parties would collaborate for the collective good of not only City Hall but the City of Georgetown as a whole.
It is hoped too that the member of staff caught on camera sleeping, with mouth open, would be condignly disciplined, as this conduct is grossly disrespectful.

Shamshun Mohamed