‘Transferred frustration’

…in the courts
You live and learn. Your Eyewitness just learnt about a concept in Psychology called “transferred frustration”. He learnt it from the eminent legal luminary, Basil Williams, who just happens to be the Attorney General of Guyana and, not so incidentally, was just conferred with silk. For Williams to‘ve risen to the top of the legal totem pole – in his eyes at least – it’s clear the man is a psychological whiz, who could suss out folks on the stand, just like that!
In this instance, a Judge walked out of his court because – in his own words – he took umbrage at the tone and words that Williams used to him when in court. Which was basically, “Listen Bud! I’m so big and bad, I can speak to you any damn way I choose! Who’s the man? I’m the man!” The Judge took his complaint to the Chancellor and Chief Justice and said he’d be satisfied with an apology from Williams. And that he wouldn’t be entertaining Williams in his court henceforth.
Now you’d think the Judge, having all the Judge-like qualities of Judgehood as enumerated by President Granger – integrity, intelligence and initiative – would’ve known why he was filing an official complaint against Williams. But you – and the Judge – would be wrong according to AG Basil Williams, SC. The Judge – and you –- obviously don’t know about the psychology of “transferred frustration”.
What REALLY happened according to eminent counsel, was his opposing counsel NANDLALL had actually frustrated the Judge with his objections to Williams’ masterful cross questioning. But he obviously did this so slyly, the Judge, with 30 years’ experience, didn’t realise the “iniquity” of Nandlall and consequently took out his repressed Nandlall-generated frustration on poor Williams! Why else would a Judge be upset with a lawyer telling him he could damn well speak however he wanted in the Judge’s court??!!
From this (enlightened) perspective, your Eyewitness thinks rather than Williams apologising to the Judge as he was asked, he should bill the Judge for the psychological insight provided!
The Judge also confirmed opposing counsel Anil Nandlall’s  charge that Williams also mentioned the last occupant of the Bench who dared to cite him for contempt, was no longer in the land of the living. The only point of dispute was whether the last comment of Williams’ was a “threat” – as Nandlall claimed it was.
But as lawyers they’d all know, as to whether Williams had the requisite INTENT for his words to constitute a criminal threat – would be determined by what a REASONABLE person hearing the comment would conclude.
So, what’d you think, reasonable reader?

…and protests
Now that your Eyewitness’ eyes have been opened to the concept of “transferred frustration” so many things are clear to him. It’s almost like 20/20 hindsight! Take these protests that’ve been springing up like Jumbie Umbrellas all over the place. It’s all due to transferred frustration!! Did you think those protesters against Smart City and City Hall were really protesting against the Parking Meter Contract that would suck Guyana dry for 49 years? Naaah! They were really frustrated they weren’t allowed to tint their cars and were taking it out against the City Council!
The VAT-Education protesters? Transferred frustration, strikes again! Their grouse is actually against those kids who regularly churn out 20 CSEC’s a pop and make THEIR kids look bad! The sugar workers protesters at Wales and elsewhere? Actually, they’re absolutely cut up about that 2 am ban on rum-shops selling rum but don’t want to get the Public Security Minister upset. Police might just harass them!
Transferred frustration can be a bitch, no? But it makes your Eyewitness’ life so much simpler!

…of ex-GECOM Chair
Imagine, for over a decade, the newly departed GECOM Chair had to hide his anger over the antinomies of the Carter Formula.
And here, reporters thought he was just irascible. Transferred frustration!