Tribute to Dr Samsundar Doobay

Dear Editor,
Out of the indentured sugar cane fields of Annandale, East Coast Demerara emerged a medical icon, Dr. Samsundar Doobay, whose parents saved and toiled to give their children a fine education.
Dr. Samsundar Doobay, in concord with his Hindu philosophy of simple living and high thinking, reached the highest level of enlightenment in medicine. He went to England and the United States of America after being qualified at UWI as a Doctor of Medicine, being a disciple of the vedic God of Medicine, then Dhanvantari.
It was recognised that he has an intuitive knowledge and true affection for his medical information and treatment in the world of his profession. In the United States of America and in England, he pursued several advanced medical programmes, and his professors were astonished at his easy grasp and assimilation of the medical information imparted, so much so that they pleaded with him in those countries to remain and serve there, but he refused and told them he would return to serve the sick and suffering in his own country.
Indeed, he did serve with devotion, dedication, and affection to the sick and suffering patients whom he attended.
His simplicity and informal course of conduct caused one to believe he is an ordinary layman star at the GPHC. His kindness, calmness, tolerance and great knowledge made him very popular among his fellow practitioners and, above all, the many interns, who were amazed at his learning and cordial treatment and attitude towards them, including his dry sense of humour.
He served at the local School of Medicine with distinction and approbation. He was nicknamed “the walking library of internal medicine”.
To the misfortune and pain of the medical professional world, he was sent home by the APNU Government without lawful cause on the nebulous ground of old age. When the imparting of knowledge and performance of service can be cut off on the ground of advancing years, tyranny and injustice prevail, but when prejudice is the cause of such disaster, nations fall into the abyss of a new dark age.
Dr. Doobay restored many suffering patients to reasonably good health, and the name Dr. Sundar Doobay, as he is known, will reign with love in the hearts of the many whose treatment ameliorate their lives.
Eternal rest give unto Sundar Doobay, oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace, Om.

Jailall Kissoon