Trojans humble Eagles again …depart for Colombia May 20

The UG Trojans have continued their winning ways against arch-rivals Eagles, whom they defeated 87-38 last Tuesday at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Homestretch Avenue, and followed up that win with a 98-88 victory yesterday.
After defeating Vikings 87-38, the Trojans were handed the uphill task of facing-off against the Eagles in their second game. The Trojans hit the court fully determined to make light work of the Eagles, with whom they were very familiar.
As the first period began, the teams exchanged points as they scored at a slow rate, each being on the defensive. However, the first period went to the Trojans 33-29.
Having a deficit of four points, the Eagles needed to redeem themselves early before the lead was lengthened; but things did not go as planned, because the Eagles tied the second period 17-17 to maintain a four-point advantage and sink the Eagles into a hole from which they could not escape.
The Eagles then changed their strategy and pulled out all the stops, substituting players in their bid to rid themselves of the four-point advantage the Trojans had over them. But the Trojans were apparently too strong for the Eagles, and flew away with the lead in the third period of the game, 27-18.
By that time the Eagles were flustered and frustrated, as they not only saw defeat on the horizon, but it brought back memories of how the Trojans whipped them in the Guyana Amateur Basketball Association’s (GABA’s) Under-23 Division play.
Now having a deficit of 13 points going into the final quarter, the Eagles pulled out a consolation win, 24-21, but it was too late, as the Trojans managed to defend their territory and stop a possible comeback.
Top scoring for the Trojans were Kadeem Peterkin with 32 points, Jonathan Browne with 18, Alister Lewis with 14, Selvaughn Mosley with 12 and Jabari Joseph with 10 points.
Scoring for the losing side were Travis Belgrave with 21 points, Kwesi Thompson with 16, Darren Thomas with 12 and Shamar Huntley 10 points.
Trojans Coach Warren Wilson said, “These two games really have encouraged not only me, but the team: that as long as we put the work in, by God’s Grace, we will reap the rewards. I am confident we can win, because we have added some fresh talent and they are hungry for the win.”
The Trojans will depart for Colombia on May 20.