Trojans team 98% vaccinated 

…. Joseph urges everyone to help curb the spread of COVID-19

By Timothy Jaikarran

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc around the world. While there has been some restart of certain sports, things still have not returned to the status quo, and no one knows when things will return to the way they were.
The UG Trojans Cricket Team, who are no strangers to the GCA cricketing fraternity, have been anxiously waiting to hit the field and once more return to their winning ways.

The UG Trojans

Head coach of the Trojans unit, Kenroy Joseph, has taken this opportunity to work on the fitness of the team, so when cricket returns, the team would be in top shape.
In an interview with this publication, he was asked how the Trojans are coping, and Joseph said, “We are training, doing a lot of fitness. We do sessions in the park thrice a week. COVID-19 has negatively impacted my team’s progress. A lot of the guys have turned to unhealthy practices that have made our fitness level to be below par. Leadership skills have increased, since myself and the captain have learned new ways to keep our team together. I am just looking forward to the restart of cricket. My team is 98% totally vaccinated.”

Joseph doing some training in 2019

Joseph is also pleading with the general population for everyone to become totally vaccinated. It is his belief that while COVID is real, as sportsmen, it is his duty and that of the teams to protect not only themselves, but their fellow teammates as well.
Joseph has also noted that, in terms of training, the team is presently doing a lot of tyre training in the park and also step training at the Muslim Youth Organization (MYO).
Joseph has said, “Stop politicising COVID-19 and see that daily people are dying. Let’s practise all guidelines that reduce the spread of COVID, especially being totally vaccinated.”