Trouble …spreading

After the Gaza Strip and Israel – two of the smaller entities in the long volatile Middle East – started settling scores, there was always the danger of the violence spreading and dragging in other players. The greatest fear, of course, was that the US – which supports Israel to the max – might get involved. Over the last half-century, lines have been drawn, redrawn, and underlined as to who supports whom when it comes to turf.
We saw the Yemeni Houthis blockading the surrounding critical sea lanes – for almost a quarter of the world’s trade – in support of Hamas. While neighbouring Lebanese Hezbollah was on everyone’s mind, the big Kahuna was Iran, with its massive army, air force, and possibly nuclear weapons; and its being an implacable foe of the Zionist Israel. The US also has a beef with Iran, that goes back to the ouster of its Shah whom they’d installed!
After Israel launched its war to drive out Hamas from the Gaza Strip, it became clear Israel actually wanted to drive out all Palestinians in order to create the biblical land of Israel that their God had “given” them. Your Eyewitness discussed the preparations for sacrificing a “spotless” red heifer to sanctify the new state. The Temple Mount organizations have now officially submitted a request to the Israeli police to allow the introduction of an altar and knives to slaughter red cows in Al-Aqsa Mosque on April 22, 2024!!
Having lost global support for its traditional victim role, and now almost universally condemned for its genocidal actions against the Palestinians, to reclaim it, Israel has decided to draw Iran into the fray by bombing the Iran Embassy in Syria. This was a no-no in the modern state system, and was seen as a direct attack on Iranian soil. The Iranians had to retaliate, to save face if nothing else!! The world waited for this foot to fall while Israel’s allies, the US and UK, moved ships and fighter jets into the area. WWIII?
So, on Saturday, Iran for the first time launched a direct military attack on Israel – firing more than 200 drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. Just so we know about these things – since our country’s beginning to arm itself against Mad Maduro – cruise missiles are jet-propelled at subsonic speeds throughout their flights, while ballistic missiles are rocket-powered only in the initial (boost) phase of flight, after which they follow an arcing trajectory to the target.
The Iranians knew they’d take hours to reach Israel, during which time Israel and the US could tee off to knock them out of the sky. So said, so done – and Israel remains unscathed.
Was Iran just saving face? And will Israel and the US allow it to do so??

…over for OJ
The news that OJ Simpson has died from cancer at 79 was a shock to your Eyewitness. He was mostly reviled for what most thought was his getting away with murder of his ex-wife during one of the most publicized trials in modern history. This attitude was illustrated by one tongue-in-cheek account of OJ’s passing: “According to sources from the afterlife, the former football star is looking forward to asking God who really killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.
“I’ve been racking my brains for decades trying to figure out who may have done it,” said Simpson. “It will be great to have all my questions finally laid to rest. I really can’t imagine who might have committed such a crime.” At publishing time, O.J. Simpson’s questions unfortunately remained unanswered after a majority-black jury declared him “not dead.”
Your Eyewitness still remembers him as one of the greatest – and flashiest – football players of all time!! He actually had a Guyana stamp struck in 1993!! Imagine that!!

…continues for PNC
Poor Norton – when it rains, it pours!! His team’s being blamed for “disappearing” the CPU, containing the list of members who’d be coming to Congress to elect the leader. They’ll now have to recreate this list. Poor Norton!!