Trying desperately to gain some relevance

Dear Editor,
The Opposition Leader is on a recognition campaign, in which he is desperately looking at ways in which he can get some relevance. It all started when he realised that the nitpicking efforts at discrediting the Government on governance have failed, so he is making that bold step forward to challenge the Vice President to a debate.
I know what he might be thinking: that is, let this discussion descend into a shouting match, and at the end he might score some cheap political points and prove to his supporters that he is a winner. Well, he is ever so wrong, because Vice President Jagdeo is a far shrewder discussant than that, and would allow Norton neither the time nor the space to exhibit that nonsense. The Vice President would not allow any discussion to descend into a street brawl.
To this end, Vice President Jagdeo has issued an ultimatum as it regards the rules of engagement; that is, let us begin on the matter of producing the statements of poll for Region 4. Those contentious pieces of document are the root cause for him initiating a public forum discussion, and the request again is: please produce the statements of poll for Region 4.
Why can’t we publicly see this public document? Why are they hiding the people’s document?
If Norton is serious about a debate (which I think he is not), he would reveal to the people of this country the results of their voting in the 2020 Elections. Otherwise, stop pontificating about the PPP/C being an installed Government when you cannot prove that simple fact of revealing the results of the election for Region 4. It is ludicrous to even think of it. The Vice President is just reiterating the call for him to walk with the SOPs for Region 4 before he can get into any discussion.
Norton would not risk making himself look more foolish than he really is; if he cannot substantiate his claims with firm proof, then stop the blowing of hot air! And there is no better way to start than to tender the documents for public viewing, the results for Region 4.
I await the debate, if we are ever to have one.

Neil Adams