Trying to legitimise a fraud is not going to happen

Dear Editor,
On Monday, Chief Justice Roxane George threw out Election Petition 88/20P brought by the Opposition APNU/AFC, which challenged the legality of the March 2020 elections. The erudite Judge then gave a detailed review – as she always does – of the grounds under which she made her ruling.
The APNU leaders viewed that ruling unfavourably, and took to the streets to voice their concerns to persons of like mentality: that the Chief Justice’s ruling was wrong. However, that move of taking to the streets was quickly quelled because there were no grounds for grouses, it was a petition that was frivolous and vexatious at best, and was bound to meet the fate that it did.
Now, a careful examination of The PNC’s case is that this country was bound by Mingo and Lowenfield’s fraudulent results, and, as such, there should have been no recount. This was the sum total of their argument, one that they wanted a civilised Guyana, and by extension the world, to accept. This was the asinine concoction the PNC wanted us to believe.
When a political party can try to use our court system to legitimise a fraud, it is the most barefaced and brazen attempt ever. This is bullyism at its worst. And to think of it, they are really adamant about it, as they go about spewing their vile nonsense to a delusional and brainwashed following.
Well, I am happy to disappoint the PNC: that this is not going to work, not now, not ever. And I would further advise them to save their energies for the court cases involving the fraud crew of Mingo and others when these come up for trial. I can also assure them that, in the abovementioned cases, there will be conviction as well as incarceration of all those who think they can carry out a fraud and get away with it.

Neil Adams