Trying to score cheap political points

Dear Editor,
As a citizen, I am very glad that President Irfaan Ali has taken the lead in engaging Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton in consultations on the matter of constitutional and statutory appointments.
I am pleased because it seems as though our country is moving politically, just as we have moved socio-economically in just under two years.
The President deserves our admiration for showing the statesmanship to his political adversary, and being cordial throughout the proceedings, despite knowing the false things that Norton has said about him and the PPP altogether in the recent past.
But for the Opposition to be crying foul and saying that the meeting was held in bad faith just goes to show their real intentions concerning meeting the Head of State.
Unfortunately, the Opposition feel that way about the consultations. One would have thought that they would be open about the entire invitation to meet and discuss the appointments with the President, even if they were going to request more information and time to come up with adequate positions.
Politicising the meeting at his maiden Opposition Leader press conference is nasty, is a breach of protocol, and is trying to score cheap political points. It must never be confused with what is needed for constitutional compliance to occur. It also is repulsive to the civilised political mind as well as the intelligent mind, as there appears to be no confidentiality and respect for information and dialogue.
If the Opposition want to just oppose and criticise, they can go right ahead, but having good faith requires patience and being honest. The Opposition seem to be lacking in this area.

Yours sincerely,
Alvin Hamilton