TV show focusing on bullying, statutory rape launched

The Human Services and Social Security Ministry has launched its second episode of “Youth Unfiltered” – a show featuring a group of diverse young people discussing many social issues.

Human Services and Social Security Minister, Dr Vindhya Persaud with some of the young influencers

It is a youth-focused show that is completely directed by young influencers and assisted by a team from the Ministry along with Minister Dr Vindhya Persaud
The intention is for a new episode to be released each month with young influencers from all across the country discussing timely topics on the Ministry’s platforms to help ignite healthy discussions among youths across the country; heightening awareness of their challenges and proposing solutions, as well as offering profiles of young people who have surmounted hurdles and succeeded.
“My first thought was that every Ministry should emulate this,” Young influencer Aliyah Hassan has said. She is among the almost two dozen influencers countrywide who volunteers her time towards the programme.

Dr Persaud adds her personal touch and flair to help perfect the programme

Another young influencer, Jeremiah Kalekyezi believes that the show is “definitely something fresh,” as there is hardly any other show that relates specifically to youths and the issues surrounding them. “Minister Vindhya has been working with us very closely to ensure the show stays targeted to our young population, even directing some of our shoots personally,” he expressed.

Aliyah Hassan with a fellow young influencer Jeremiah Kalekyezi during the filming of Youth Unfiltered

The young influencers would choose a topic among themselves with everyone pouring in fresh thoughts and ideas. The programme has a talent segment, one for trends among youths, and an unfiltered segment in which the youths speak their mind without a scripted conversation in place.
The most recent episode speaks to bullying and also features a short overview of statutory rape.
“As young influencers, we try to cover these topics as ‘youth like’ as possible, like down-to-earth and casual. It’s meant to be a safe space for youths to listen and share their perspectives while reaching out to the public and promoting services that the Ministry offers,” another youth influencer, Savitri Ramlochan, based in Berbice, commented.
“Personally, for me, I think that we have achieved this goal of being as unfiltered as possible because it’s all coming from the voice of youths and that is not scripted. The Minister gives us full control of our views and expressions,” Ramlochan further commented.
Youth Unfiltered is a 30-minute programme that usually airs on the Ministry’s Facebook page, on E-Networks Channel One and on the National Communications Network (NCN).