TVG introduces “The K-Pop World”

Television Guyana is set to debut what promises to be an electrifying new programme titled “The K-Pop World”, featuring the music, videos, fashion and personalities of “Korean Pop” or “K-Pop”.
K-Pop is the fastest growing genre of music worldwide, with songs presently on major charts in the US, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean.
Psy, with his most popular hit “Gangnam Style”, made significant inroads on charts throughout the Caribbean and worldwide, enjoying major airplay on almost every radio station and in local clubs. This was K-Pop’s introduction to most Guyanese.
The most popular K-Pop group by far is the all-boy band BTS aka “Bangtan Boys” which was formed in early 2010.
The group’s must current hits include “Boy with love”, “Save me”, “Idol”, among others.
The K-Pop Idols, as they are widely called, are considered some of the hardest working people in show biz and we intend to delve into their lifestyles, bringing you every possible detail on their rise to stardom and what it takes to stay there.
So whether you’re already a fan or you are now learning about this amazing music style, here is an invitation to tune in every Sunday from 16:30h on TVG channel 28.