UGSS’ cries to be taken to President Granger

The University of Guyana Student Society (UGSS) has not given up on its quest for better service at the country’s top tertiary institution and said that another protest will take place at the gates of the Ministry of the Presidency today.
It is not clear whether the Administration of the University has taken note of the cries of the student body, but the Society is bent on taking their concerns to the ear of President David Granger.

UG students are protesting the poor services and proposed increases in fees
UG students are protesting the poor services and proposed increases in fees

UGSS President Joshua Griffith told Guyana Times on Tuesday that the body was seeking to meet with the Head of State on campus; however, because he did not show, the picketing would be taken to his office.
On Monday, students began what they said would be a series of protest actions against the mounting issues which continue to cause inconveniences at the University.
Monday’s protest saw the students demanding better standards of services, as opposed to a raise in tuition fees which the Administration intends to impose.
“The issues here are real and we know because we faced them.  Mr President, do you know that because of the services provided by the same loan agencies and the laxity thereof and the substandard delivery, that students are unable to write exams because they don’t get their loan awards on time!” Griffith, with a loudspeaker in hand and the colours of the Guyana flag draped around his neck, revealed at the protest on Monday.
Students under the Faculty of Natural Sciences are beyond perturbed over the fact there were no labs for first- and second-year students.
Faculty representative Xiomara Griffith explained that the Administration proposed that all outstanding labs be done during the summer.
The untimely release of students’ grades also continues to be a concern.
According to one student, they usually have to wait about three months before their grades are released. Students are also concerned about the customary increase in the various fees. They disclosed that there were rumours that there would be the announcement of another increase.
“They are raising our fees so by now we expect some sort of change because our fees are bumped up so high. My mother is a single parent, you understand, she has to find money to pay for me to come to this University and they are treating us this way… we need a change, it is about time,” explained Chelsea Lewis.
Likewise, law students are up in arms over the injustices that continue to be meted out to them, especially regarding the extra mile they are required to take in order to pursue an education in the field.
Demands for a local law school were renewed in the face of concerns over the limit on the number of students who are entitled to move on to attain their legal certification.