“Unforgettable” patrons robbed by bandits on pedal cycles

Four patrons who were returning home from the “Unforgettable” concert which featured “Burna Boy” were, in the wee hours of Thursday, relieved of their valuables at Durban Backlands in Georgetown by three men on pedal cycles.
One of those patrons, a 41-year-old manager of South Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was robbed of one white gold-and-diamond chain valued at US$1000 and of $150,000 in cash. Another patron, a 31-year-old office clerk of Durban Backlands Georgetown, was relieved of one iPhone 12 valued at $100,000, one gold chain, and $40,000 in cash.
The third patron, a 25-year-old female of South Ruimveldt Georgetown, was robbed of a gold ring; and the fourth patron, a 34-year-old Quality Assurance Officer of Durban Backlands Georgetown, was robbed of one 12 R One Plus mobile phone and $6,000 in cash.
Based on the information received, the victims had exited their vehicle and were about to enter their yard when they were attacked by the three men. One of the suspects reportedly went up to the female and instructed her to hand over a side bag she had around her shoulder, and out of fear the woman complied. The suspects then proceeded to rob the others.
After committing the act, the three bandits mounted their bicycles and escaped. The matter was reported, and an investigation has been initiated.