Unique strokes… for the old party enforcer

Hamilton Green has reincarnated once again: you remember when he’d become “Bilal” a Muslim, don’t you? This time he’s “The Elder”, who delivers Jerimiah’s on how the big, bad PPP is going after African-Guyanese. Of course, he can be as inciteful as he is since Granger had railroad through that bill in parliament that make an exception for him in defining how to calculate government pensions! He ended up 100 times richer!!
But it wasn’t just “a” pension, was it? It was specifically Hamilton Green’s pension – so much so that the Bill’s actually named after him! The rule for past top government officials’ pensions is they’re calculated at 7/8ths of their last salary. Simple, no? Well, Granger decided that was TOO simple. When Hamilton Green and the PNC were voted out in 1992, the PM’s salary was peanuts at today’s standards. But he didn’t storm the Elections HQ while President Carter was in the building for the salary, did he?!
Back then, his salary wasn’t the thing – POWER was!! And he’d earned his power through the role of the enforcer who executed the PNC’s X-13 terrorist plan in the 1960s. That described how to commit bombings, arsons and murder to remove the PPP from office. Once in office, whatever he wanted, he just commandeered it! Even Burnham bypassed him for the PM’s office in favour of Desmond Hoyte back in 1980 because he’d grown too big for his britches!
Well after the passage of his Bill in 2017, Green’s pension became swollen to 7/8 of then PM Honourable Moses Nagamootoo’s salary – to give him the aforementioned 100-time increase!! Interestingly all those old PNC faithfuls who’d also served faithfully – like in the 1962 Black Friday Riots when in the words of Martin Carter, “a city of clerks became men” – weren’t similarly rewarded!! And didn’t complain!! Why?
The answer’s simple when you think of it. And it’s the same reason why he was first in line to get a national award from Granger’s government. It was literally payback time. When he was the big enchilada in the PNC he did quite a lot of favours to Burnhamites like Granger. But when Hoyte consolidated power, he’d cleansed the PNC of the Burnhamite hardliners by banishing them to internal and external Siberias!! Granger was banished to a token desk job as “Security Advisor” who was never consulted and Green, of course, was expelled!!
Today Green is insidiously stirring up rebellion by claiming that the PPP isn’t treating African Guyanese equally. As if he was treated equally to be given his hyper-inflated pension by Granger!! The PPP shouldn’t just reclaw land that enriched PNC operatives – there’s also this outrageous “pension”!!

…for provocateurs
Nowadays, the WPA’s taken to social media to claim they’re the REAL Opposition by spouting frenzied calls for an “uprising” – and for the GDF to break the law and stand down when the uprising breaks out! But in an address to the GDF’s Annual Officers’ Conference, then President Brigadier (rtd) Granger had declared – in reference to PPP’s mobilization of sugar workers after his closure of Wales: “Reckless remarks about an uprising and provocative calls for the mobilization of foot soldiers have the potential to rip apart the fragile fabric of social cohesion that we enjoy.”
He outlined his doctrine of “total national defence” – military, social, civil and environmental. The massive reserve forces he envisioned – starting with the Cadets Corps and the Peoples Militia was just the start of a program that was aborted after 2020. But aren’t the threats by the social media provocateurs even more potentially destructive of “the fragile fabric of social cohesion that we enjoy”??
The PPP government has a responsibility to deal condignly with the threat!!

…for squatters
It seems the PPP has added “coddling” of lawbreakers to their repertoire that ain’t kosher for your Eyewitness. Giving land and houses to Hill Foot squatters evicted from private land?? Expect an avalanche of squatters!