United Nations’ Day for International Peace

Dear Editor,
The Universal Peace Federation, Guyana Chapter, wishes to acknowledge and applaud the United Nations for declaring the 21st September International Day of Peace since 1981.
The Universal Peace Federation is a non-governmental organization in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. We have a local office of the Universal Peace Federation here in Guyana.
The Universal Peace Federation was founded by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. This organization has worked assiduously internationally to bring about a culture of peace.
Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and its global network of Ambassadors for Peace bring universal spiritual principles to the task of resolving conflicts and reconciling the divided human family. It holds as its core values the following: “We are one human family created by God; The highest achievements of men and women are rooted in spiritual and moral development; The family is the school of love and peace; Peace comes through dialogue, cooperation and principled action; and service to others is the foundation of the good society”.
It supports the United Nations initiatives of World Interfaith Harmony Week, Women’s Day, International Day of Families, Global Day of Parents, and International Day of Peace.
The work of the Universal Peace Federation includes 21st Century Peace Building International Leadership Conferences, Interfaith dialogue and cooperation, Middle East peace initiative, Humanitarian Aid, Peace Education, Character Development, Track–Two Diplomacy which plays particular emphasis on the role and responsibility of religious and spiritual leaders to transcend historical self-interest and pursue the ideal of “one family under God.” etc. This extensive peace-building and fostering of goodwill work have been made possible by the Ambassadors of Peace Networks.
Ambassadors for Peace (AFP) are leaders in all walks of life, dedicated to building a worldwide community of peace through applying the principles of peace of the Universal Peace Federation.
The Universal Peace Federation commends and recognizes the Government of His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali in calling for a “One Guyana” where all peoples must partake in building a harmonious nation, a country of love, respect and goodwill for all. In Guyana, we have religious freedoms; there are no ethnic wars and there is no intolerance. However, I wish to encourage the Leader of the Opposition to work and cooperate with the Government of Guyana to create this “One Guyana”. We have observed that President Dr. Ali has always stretched his hand out physically, morally, and philosophically to the Opposition to build a one, true, respectful, political climate for Guyana.
As Guyanese Leaders of the UPF, we, the undersigned, are proud of what we have achieved as a people in a land of six ethnicities. The Universal Peace Federation’s Philosophy of: “One Human Family under God” can truly be realized in the country of Guyana.

Rev Dr. Ronald McGarrell (General Secretary of the UPF)
Hajji Dr. Roshan Khan, (National Chairman of the UPF)