Unnecessarily expensive coffins create problems for crematoriums

Dear Editor,
On March 16, 2019, a media report titled “A grave matter” elaborated on the vandalisation of graves which contain expensive items buried on behalf of relatives as expressions of various sentiments.
In a similar manner, I wish to draw attention to the difficulties created for the attendants at the crematorium at Blairmont Estate (and I believe at other crematoriums) who are often forced by family members to put the dead bodies with the ‘ostentatious/expensive’ coffins on the pyre for burning. This causes many unnecessary hassles and untold difficulties for the attendants during the burning as well as afterwards when the ashes have to be collected the next day.
I wish to take this opportunity to plead with patrons of the Blairmont Crematorium to desist from this practice; it will save them many unnecessary expenses and save the attendants many hassles to clear the remains after the cremation. A simple coffin is much more preferred and indeed, will result in the better, cleaner burning of the deceased.

Nowrang Persaud