Urgency required to bring WCB murder investigations to a satisfactory conclusion

Dear Editor,
I reside on the West Coast of Berbice, and my family and I helped to rescue some of the Indian-Guyanese people who were being targeted for assault and robbery during the disturbance that followed the murder of the two Henry cousins.
We are all concerned at what appears to be the Guyana Police Force’s sloth and lack of any significant progress in the investigations of these murders, and in that of young Haresh Singh who was subsequently killed in what appeared to be an act of revenge for the Henry killings.
Rumours abound in our communities in regard to who committed these acts, but the Police are yet to bring any charges against any suspect. Our real fear is that if these murders go unsolved, suspicions will fester and grow, and the matter would become fodder for further racial disturbances in this and other areas in the country.
We are appealing to President Irfaan Ali to take decisive action and make the solving of these murders a national priority. If they remain unsolved, they will become a source of racial contention, and will be used in the future as an excuse for further violence in our communities.
We would like the President to request urgent help from Britain for detectives from Scotland Yard to come and assist with the investigation. Also, help from American FBI investigators will go a long way to lessen suspicions that there is a plot by the Government and Police to do some kind of cover up of these heinous murders.
Assistance from such recognised and neutral partners in this criminal investigation will place the findings well beyond any suspicion that there is a plot to provide cover for the perpetrators.
Until the perpetrators are caught and charged, there will be no justice for the families; and the murders will remain a flashpoint for further violence, since they will be used to justify other violent agendas.
The President must understand the urgency required, and act now to bring the investigation to a satisfactory conclusion.

Yours truly
Satesh Ramdharry