Urgent attention is needed in the way we handle the vehicular traffic on our roadways

Dear Editor,
I applaud the Ministry of Public Works on the massive undertaking they have embarked upon; that is: the upgrade as well as the modernisation of our roadways and their associated infrastructural works. However, at the same time, I would like to see an improvement in the use of the very same roadways.
I say this in light of the many traffic accidents that have occurred in recent times. There has been a turn for the worse in some of the most horrific traffic accidents, as road users are killing other people while immolating themselves as they barge into stationary objects. This reckless “road hog” behaviour has to stop now, or else we shall be a nation where lawlessness abounds, and where death and destruction stalk our roadways at every turn.
I do not want to live in a country where constant fear surrounds me as I drive on our roadways. I want to live in a society where drivers drive responsibly; which means that they drive for the safety and convenience of themselves, as well as with the safety and convenience of other road users in mind. That is the society I am looking forward to.
Having said that, I would like the Ministry of Home Affairs, in conjunction with the Guyana Police Force, to take note of the following:
1. Speeding is a major issue where vehicular homicides are concerned. Such persons caught in the act should be immediately dealt with, and speedsters should be stopped and issued speeding tickets. A database should be made, and consulted regularly to ascertain whether this is a first-time offender or a repeat offender. From recent occurrences, there seems to be a great number of persons who are on the repeat offenders’ list. Such persons ought to be prevented from driving on our roads permanently. We cannot wait for an accident – many fatal – to happen, then throw up our hands and cry, but deal with them immediately!
2. There are drivers who are in the habit of being inebriated when they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. This is reckless behaviour, and must be done away with in the most condign way: revoking their licences!
Even more distressing is the fact that there are drivers out there who drive under the influence of mind-altering drugs, substances that impair their mental state, causing them – as we usually say – to be “high as a kite.” Those road users have to be removed from our roadways immediately!
3. Thirdly, those having poor driving skills or no driving skills at all. this lawlessness is known to have been a major cause of road accidents. To date, nothing has been done to correct it.
I am calling on the responsible bodies to address this problem urgently. There should be the establishment of a Department of Motor Vehicles, one that deals with all driving particulars, such as testing as well as authorising the licensing of persons. This would go a far way in arresting the problem of persons being on our roads with bogus documentation, who in most cases go on to commit vehicular homicides.
Not being a “certified driver” means that you are definitely a candidate in a recipe for disaster. We can ill afford such maladies at this juncture of our development.
As Guyana moves into the modern world of vehicular highway usage, there must be a commensurate upgrade to modern and acceptable standards. I have highlighted the main ones here, and I hope the governmental agencies involved take keen note of this.

Neil Adams