US Ambassador hailed for a results-oriented, results-driven tenure

– Pres Ali assures Govt will continue to build on gains achieved under her leadership

President Dr Irfaan Ali has lauded outgoing United States Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, for her leadership in strengthening the ties between the two nations, as well as with the Caribbean region.

President Ali addressing the gathering

President Ali made these remarks at a farewell reception held for the outgoing diplomat, who is wrapping up a four-year tenure in Georgetown. He described the event as a bitter-sweet one as he reflected on the strong relations that were established with Ambassador Lynch over the years.
“I had a partner in the US Ambassador that I know we could’ve relied on; a partner that exhibited a tower of strength and inspiration; a partner that has done her country proud in her representation of who the United States of America is.
“Your work, your leadership and your commitment, and the ease at which you did it demonstrated who and what the true United States of America is, and indeed you are our friend. I thank you for your service,” he stated.
According to the Guyanese Leader, Ambassador Lynch led in an unconventional way during her tenure here. He noted that the private sectors of both countries have especially benefitted from her aggressive push in advancing their interests.
“Ambassador Lynch worked tirelessly to ensure that the US private sector was first encouraged to be here, and then participated fully in the development that is unfolding… You should also be congratulated for the establishment of chambers of commerce – AMCHAM Guyana.

President Ali and outgoing US Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch sharing a light moment

“More importantly, today we have many companies that act in partnership; that is, US and Guyanese companies partnering together in various sectors,” the President noted.
On the Government-to-Government end, Ali pointed out that the Ambassador pursued a results-oriented and results-driven agenda that sought to build on the common interests, common values, common priorities, and a very open and transparent relationship between Guyana and the US.
This, according to Ali, has resulted in an unprecedented level of coordination and collaboration on the security front between the two nations, which has led to a great pushback in the drug trade. It has also seen an unprecedented joint exchange programme, whereby not only the military, but also Police officers and policy-makers have benefitted.
Regionally, President Ali said, Ambassador Lynch fostered the US-CARICOM (Caribbean Community) relations, thus resulting in the fourth engagement between US Vice President Kamala Harris and regional leaders in the coming weeks.
“These results don’t come by accident. It comes by building trust, building confidence, supporting each other, understanding our varied priorities, and then establishing a strong footing through which we build systems to improve what we want to achieve… Energy, climate change and financing, and food security. On all three fronts, the US and CARICOM are working collectively on a joint action plan to address all three of these critical global issues under the leadership of Ambassador Lynch,” he added.

President Ali and Ambassador Lynch with officers of the US Marines

On this note, the Guyanese Leader assured the outgoing US diplomat that his government would continue to build on the gains achieved under her leadership.
“You also brought a different flair with the office; one that was different in approach, different in style and different than conduct. And what that allows you to do is to win the trust of the Guyanese people. You have won yourself a number of friends. You have integrated yourself into our society and in our culture, in our customs… Our partnership and your work here were to advance common values, was to advance democracy, was to advance the prosperity of the people of the United States and the people of Guyana, was to advance greater participation of the US in the development of our country, advance greater coordination on the security front, was to build transparency and good governance, was to expand the relationship and deepen our friendship – all of which we have succeeded in,” the President declared.
Friday’s reception marked the commencement of the process in which Ambassador Lynch will wrap up her four-year tenure in Guyana. She will be leaving Georgetown to take up a new posting at the SOUTHERN Command in Miami.
According to Lynch, her service over the past four years in Guyana was an adventure that included resolving an election, leveraging Guyana’s newfound wealth to attract US strategic investments, and advancing shared security equities to improve regional security in order to put Guyana on the path to success.
Among her proudest achievements was the US assistance to strengthen Guyana’s elections machinery like the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and financial institutions like the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) – all aimed at modernising and digitizing local systems to improve transparency and reduce corruption.
She also mentioned the promotion of youth civic engagement and building youth capacity through leadership programs, as well as work in climate services. Another highlight of her service in Guyana, which the outgoing Ambassador outlined, is the many engagements which included webinars and facilitating of trade missions that were done to bolster bilateral trade between the two countries, especially at the Private Sector level.
“The trade figures are one thing, but the training for hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs, new jobs for thousands of Guyanese, and increase in foreign investment into Guyana are already ringing positive results, with more to come… Our security partnership sends a strong signal that we are partners and we care about Guyana… All of these accomplishments are not just US Embassy accomplishments, they are mutual achievements of both Guyana and the US that demonstrate that our partnership has been strengthened and deepened over these past four years, and signals that we will be key allies for years to come in this region that we share.
“And this effort doesn’t come easily or quickly. Sometimes things come one step at a time, or as I like to say ‘One, one duddy build dam’,” the US Diplomat stated.
Ministers of Government, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Members of the Opposition, and other invited guests were also at the farewell ceremony. Ambassador Lynch was sworn-in as the US Ambassador to Guyana in January 2019. (G-8)