US-based Guyanese stabbed to death at brother’s wedding celebration

…main suspect recently released from prison

A 21-year-old overseas-based Guyanese was stabbed to death during the wee hours of Wednesday morning at Grant 1802 Crabwood Creek, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).
Dead is 21-year-old Lakan Chatterpaul of Ohio, USA. The young man was reportedly stabbed while standing up against a group of thugs who had invaded a family event.

Dead: Lakan Chatterpaul

He and five other family members had arrived in Guyana some two weeks ago to attend his brother’s wedding, which was being celebrated on Sunday.
Chatterpaul was reportedly stabbed to death during an altercation with three men who showed up at his relatives’ house during a party at Grant 1802 Crabwood Creek. He was reportedly stabbed once in the vicinity of the heart, and collapsed and died before receiving medical attention.
Reports are that the three suspects were asked to leave the yard, and they went onto the street and started damaging vehicles owned by persons who had remained at the celebration. This resulted in most of the males running out to chase them away. During the ordeal, Chatterpaul got into an altercation with one of the perpetrators, during which he was stabbed.
Two of the suspects were apprehended and handed over to the Police, but the main suspect escaped. The suspects are brothers, and live in close proximity to where the wedding celebrations were being held.
A resident in the area told this publication that at some time between 03:00h and 3:30h he heard screaming, and he ran outside, where he saw the young man lying on the ground. According to Zaman Silvanish, grandfather of the deceased, his grandson had asked the suspect to leave the yard.
The grandfather said he noticed the men in the yard with what appeared to be marijuana in their possession.

Grandfather Zaman Silvanish pointing to the spot where he saw his grandson lying in a pool of blood

“I go to the back to use the bathroom, and when I coming back, I see dem man rolling dope. So, I go and tell them that they can’t roll the dope in me yard. This is my place; you’ll come out of the yard.”
He further revealed that while they were walking out of the yard, one of the suspects hit him in the ribcage.
“I didn’t tell he nothing. I go back in the yard, and they start cuss up and thing, and tell me how they gon kill me. Well, me ent worry with dem. Me just go back in the yard and lock up and go upstairs.”
Silvanish said he locked the door and left several female family members under the house, and shortly after, he received information that his grandson was stabbed and had died.

One of the cars that were damaged by the suspects

The 59-year-old grandfather said that when he went to the scene, he saw Chatterpaul lying in a pool of blood.
According to one resident, the two suspects who were apprehended were unable to run. The eyewitness said one of them may have suffered a broken leg.
According to the 59-year-old grandfather, he is well acquainted with all three suspects. He said they are all brothers.
“This boy that bore him, is only about two days now he come out from jail. Al three of them living over there,” he said as he pointed to the next street.
Meanwhile, Chatterpaul and the five other family members were expected to leave Guyana on Monday. He had migrated three years ago, and this was his first trip back home.
Police are continuing their investigation of this incident, and are on a manhunt for the third suspect. (Andrew Carmichael)