US wants deeper relationship with Guyana in security – Ambassador

…as MoU signed between NYPD and GPF

With the launching of a partnership between the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the Guyana Police Force (GPF), the United States has made it clear its desire for a stronger partnership with Guyana under the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative.

Top security officials from Guyana and the NYPD, along with US Ambassador Nicole Theriot, following the signing

On Monday, a high-level delegation from the NYPD, led by first Deputy Commissioner Tania Kinsella met with President Dr Irfaan Ali. During that meeting President Ali was pleased that the two agencies were working together to develop policing strategies that will better serve the citizenry of Guyana.
Following the signing of the historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for ‘Capacity Building’ in the Commissioner of Police’s Conference Room at Police Headquarters, US Ambassador to Guyana Nicole Theriot noted that the partnership will align with the Guyana Police Force’s 2022 to 2026 strategic management plan. According to her, Kinsella will be meeting with other key officials to ensure the implementation of the training programme.
“We’re so proud to have the number two in the largest police department in the world, sitting right here in this conference room. I’m honored to welcome this high-level delegation, led by first Deputy Commissioner Kinsella. This ceremony commemorates the start of a new training partnership with the Guyana Police Force, in support with the GPF’s 2022 to 2026 strategic management plan.”
“This week, first Deputy Commissioner Kinsela and the delegation will meet with key government and civil society stakeholders, including President Ali, the Mayor of Georgetown, several Ministers, and of course civil society, to ensure that this training programme is holistic, tailored and strategic. And that it has the government and people of Guyana’s overwhelming support.”
According to Theriot, they will be working with the NYPD and the GDF to develop curriculum. She explained that this curriculum would focus on law enforcement best practices, including community policing, homicide and gender-based violence investigations.
“The US Embassy and the US Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, are proud to support this new partnership, through funding, to ensure a successful programme.”
“I am pleased to announce that the NYPD will return to Guyana in a few short months to start the programme. And we will send a cadre of GPF officers to New York, later this year, for a practical study tour at the NYPD’s training facility.”
Meanwhile, Home Affairs Minister, Robeson Benn lauded the initiative, while noting its potential to revamp policing in Guyana. According to the minister, the information gathering and systems that are in place are still trailing behind the level at which is needed to deal with these challenges.
“This new partnership with the NYPD will be significant and will leapfrog us to certain stages in terms of where we need to get to deal with multi-faceted issues of crime fighting,” Benn stated.
“The issues that we experience are issues at higher levels which are experienced in other countries. Particularly with the NYPD, with crime-fighting challenges and their successes in New York, (the partnership) would be advantageous for us to learn from their experiences,” he added.
Under the MOU, the NYPD delegation will meet with key government and civil society stakeholders to develop a comprehensive framework for co-operation, focusing on key areas of capacity building which will ensure the training programme is holistic, tailored, and strategic.
This agreement, which will aid the implementation of the Force’s Strategic Management Plan 2022-2026, signifies the New York City Police Department and the Guyana Police Force’s shared commitment to bolstering and improving the effectiveness and professionalism of policing efforts throughout Guyana.
To ensure its success, the initiative will be supported by the US Embassy and the US Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).
Among the other high-ranking officials from both organisations who witnessed the historic signing were National Security Advisor Capt. Gerry Gouveia; Deputy Commissioner ‘Administration’ Calvin Brutus; Deputy Commissioner ‘Operations’ Ravindradat Budhram, along with senior members of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT). (G3)