Use African ancestors struggles as source of inspiration – PPP

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) wishes to extend warmest greetings to every Guyanese, especially our Afro-Guyanese brothers and sisters on the occasion of the 185th Anniversary of Emancipation.
Slavery remains the most cruel and inhumane system of subjugation and discrimination known in human history. The celebration of its abolition is the duty of every single human being.
This occasion once again provides another opportunity for all to reflect on the tremendous sacrifices made by our Afro-Guyanese ancestors who were brought inhumanely to this land in chains to provide free labour for the sugar plantations.
They were stripped of their humanity and dignity and forced to toil long hours. Many were tortured and brutally killed for simply standing up for their rights. In their long and unyielding march for freedom, many battles were fought, including the Berbice Slave rebellion led by our nation’s National Hero, Cuffy.
When freedom finally came, the freed slaves and their descendants demonstrated an exceptional degree of industry, thrift, and financial acumen and hence, were able to acquire large portions of land, which today remains the foundation of our village movement.
Indeed, the contributions of slaves and their descendants to every facet of life in this nation is impossible to accurately capture in a mere statement of this nature.
As we celebrate this important historic and national occasion, we urge every Guyanese not only to reflect upon the struggles, herculean sacrifices of the slaves and their descendants, and their remarkable achievements, but also to use them as a source of inspiration and guide as we continue to work together to build a united and democratic nation.
Happy Emancipation Day to all.