Venezuelan national stabbed to death at Puruni Backdam

A Venezuelan national was in the wee hours of Thursday stabbed to death at Paiyuka Falls, Puruni River, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazarunui). Dead is ‘Frankie’ (Only name given).
Based on reports received, the suspect was in a hammock imbibing with his co-workers when he became intoxicated and later fell asleep. It is alleged that the now dead man hit the suspect thus causing him to wake.
He reportedly became angry, armed himself with a knife and then proceeded to the victim’s hammock and dealt him several blows to his back.
The injured man reportedly ran to his employer’s quarters to seek refuge but later collapsed and died.
The police were summoned to the scene and upon arrival, the now-dead man was found lying face down on a mattress clad in a pair of brown 3/4 pants. Upon examination, his body bore four stab wounds – two to his upper back and two to the midsection.
The suspect was arrested and the murder was recovered at the scene. Investigations into the murder are continuing.