Vibrant, colourful road parade closes inaugural Cricket Carnival

By Jemima Holmes

With brilliant sunshine beaming down, Church Street, Irving Street and J.B Latchmansingh road enjoyed the peace and tranquility that a Sunday morning usually brings.
Little to no traffic, good weather and a quiet aura prevailed, until an explosion of colours, creativity, culture, music and the unity of the Guyanese people, forced a transformation.
Although few patrons braved the infamously ‘hot’ Guyanese sunshine to catch a glimpse of what would be the culmination of Guyana’s Cricket Carnival; they came out in droves later in the afternoon, lavishly decked out and by the time the sun had set, a sea of Guyanese enveloped the Kitty Round about and Seawall to finish off the Road Parade with a bang.
On lower Church Street, the Orlando Carnival Downtown band was the first to take flight and the route that traversed East onto Irving street, with their destination being the Kitty Roundabout.
Picknicking families were amongst the first to get a glimpse of their signature costumes, which comprised a fusion of turquoise, green, yellow and blues.
But the spectacle did not stop with the Orlando, Florida based band. Next, it was Slingerz Entertainment who displayed a certain homage to the slogan ‘West side is the best side’; often uttered by those residing on the West Coast of Demerara, where Slingerz got their origin.

Patrons lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the Cricket Carnival Road parade

Slingerz first time producing a Carnival Band, with the theme ‘Wild Wild West’, incorporated cowboy and country western themes with their choices of blue, pink and white.
Surely, the first two bands presented was only a mouthwatering drip of what more was in store for those who thirsted to witness a Carnival activity, following the COVID-19 Pandemic.
The ‘Amazonas’ Band, organized by Palm Court, took to the route approximately an hour later. Sporting an eye catching red, their costumed girls enticed and excited those who lined the streets of the Carnival route.
Next, it was a band that most did not expect but welcomed with cheers and words of adoration. Poised on top of a double decker truck, was First Lady of Guyana Arya Ali, who was more than elated to wave continuously at the Guyanese and foreigners present.
The First Lady and friends were followed by the heavily touted Genesis band. Their revelers were clad in a kaleidoscope of colors, accompanied by eye-catching neon yellow leotards.
Last, but by no measure the least, it was Pulse’s time to take to the streets with their “Pulse Warriors” band. Also sporting varying colours, Pulse ignited the antsy crowd of Guyanese who longed to see what was probably the most anticipated band.
The employed several trucks, that would accompany their fete-ers to their destination, making for the largest Band on Carnival Day.

Getting to know the band
“As you all know, Pulse is the number 1 band in the road, all the time,” Pulse’s proprietor Robbie Singh told the Guyana Times on Church street.
“We’re having a great time and we’re ready for more road all day,” Singh added with a bright smile.

“We’re just about 400 persons in the band. Cricket was great, Tribe is great and definitely Pulse Warriors on the road Carnival day is fantastic,” Singh later shared, justifying their ‘biggest band’ title.
“It’s about the people. It’s about making a great experience for everybody and I think we made it very well. So, everybody’s happy,” Singh wife Sandra, chimed in.
Earlier in the day, Slingerz’ representative Kevin, shared how elated the group was to venture into the Carnival aspect of the entertainment industry.
When Guyana Times caught up with the band, Kevin excitedly shared, “We decided to take in a new challenge, tap into the road March and it worked out really good for us. Nice vibes, nice energy,”
“We’ll we’re from the West side, which is country, so, you know, cowboy style,”Kevin said, justifying Slingerz’ choice of theme and outfit.

Right alongside the major advertisement opportunities that Sunday’s Carnival Road parade; the closing event was equally publicized.
As such, it came as no surprise when thousands of Guyanese flicked the Kitty Roundabout and surrounding environs, to join in on the fun to be had.
The washdown concert, for which a brand-new deck on the Kitty Seawall was built, was a massive hit amongst the Guyanese patrons who crooned and harmonized with the variety of artistes who took the stage, inclusive of Trinidad and Tobago’s Machel Montano.
Montano had, the night before, entertained thousands of Guyanese at the National Stadium, for Cricket Carnival’s second super concert. Additionally, international Soca artiste was one of those accompanying First Lady Arya Ali on the road parade.