Viraat Sabhaa (Guyana) condemns slaughtering of innocent lives

Dear Editor,

The Viraat Sabhaa (Guyana) condemns the merciless slaughtering of innocent lives in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A, which occurred on Sunday 12th June, 2016.

The Viraat Sabhaa like other Hindus considers Life as a Divine Gift. A human body is only assumed as reward of multitudes of meritorious deeds. Everyone has the right to live a full life; no one has the right to snatch away the gift of Life from another. Life is livable only to the extent when one could see himself in every other being.

The Shree Mad Bhagavad Gita, which is the main scriptural injunction for the Hindus, advocated the Principle of non-injury (Ahinsa) and detachment. The Gita emphasised in no uncertain terms that man should not be a source of annoyance to his fellow creatures and at the same time be free from envy, perturbation and fear.

Hinduism advocates the principle of oneness that God exists or pervades in every being (animate or inanimate). The Upanishads, one of the most ancient Hindu scriptures mentioned that there is one God existing in all being. He is the inner soul of all beings, the governor of actions, dweller in all people and witness of all.

It is with this view, the Viraat Sabhaa support the principle of non-injury, especially when pain is being inflicted upon innocent people by someone or persons who believe they can escape the rebounding law of nature. The Sabhaa believes that there will always be disagreement which would influence confrontation but violent confrontations are not the answer to Life’s problem.

The world at large has been witnessing multitudes of violent criminal experiences. Even in our own country, we face the perils of domestic abuse, issues within families, fatal and senseless killings. These sad experiences severely hinder every aspect of Human development.

The Viraat Sabhaa like other religious groups in Guyana enjoys a friendly relationship with every strata of society and is convinced that harmonious relationship will continue to exist amongst our people and the coherence experienced, will not dissolve into anything that is adverse to our existence.

The Viraat Sabhaa encourages peaceful consultation wherever there are opposing ideas.

The Sabhaa embraces the principle that the world is one family and to hurt someone is to add to our own self-injury.

The Viraat Sabhaa believes that humanity exists where there is full preservation of life. The extinction of human civilisation is influenced by greed and hate.

The Sabhaa expresses sincere sympathy to all those affected by the unnecessary assault of the violators. The Sabhaa hopes that disaster of this nature will never adversely affect our country, and that there will be continuous appreciation by our citizens to appreciate humanity and life as a whole.


Rabindranath Persaud

President of the Viraat Sabhaa (Guyana)