Vision of a more efficient Guyana

Dear Editor,
Media reports on Monday (26/6/17) quoted our President’s “vision of a more efficient Guyana” in the context of procurement spending and greater supervision of projects, etc; and that in his scheduled meeting with Cabinet on the 27th June, he plans to include the permanent secretaries and accounting staff to “discuss the adoption of cost-cutting measures within their spheres of operation”.
This is indeed very commendable, and must be music to the ears of beleaguered taxpayers and the citizenry at large, on whose behalf I thank the President for his welcome initiative, and wish him well for the benefit of all Guyanese.
Additionally, I cannot let this opportunity slip by, and trust that it is not too late to implore the President, the Cabinet and senior staff in Government to extend their focus beyond “procurement and spending” to include the recruitment, deployment and management of human resources; and, very urgently, ‘systems and modus operandi’, with particular reference to digitization and all other aspects of Information Technology (IT), for a leaner, more focused, efficient and motivated Public Service.
I have had the privilege of some inside experience of the service; which informs me, without any doubt, that there is definite room for the latter focus in a big way.
Nowrang Persaud