War break…

…in the PNC
Before the last elections campaign…things had gotten pretty heated after the war of attrition was launched by the PNC following their loss on the PPP’s no-confidence motion (NCM). For instance, Winston Jordan, whom everyone up to then knew as a backroom bureaucratic type from the Budget Office, shrieked to the PNC faithful in Bartica, “From today, comrades, it’s WAR BREAK!” But then again, competing with the AFC’s geriatric Moses Nagamootoo, who’d donned his olive army fatigues, might’ve spurred him on!!
Well, if the war did start (or “break” in our local parlance), it was clear that the PNC did lose it ignominiously after they barefacedly tried to rig the elections in front of the world!! And, like losers the world over, they’re trying to pin the blame on their leader – just like the Germans tried to do to Hitler after he chucked it in in WWII – and committed hara-kiri. The coalition’s DPI (and Nagamootoo’s protege) Imran “Eggball” Khan, came out with a vicious jeremiad against Granger – who’s evidently in Cuba getting his medical checkup.
“The post-election treatment meted out to Ms Volda Lawrence by her own PNC is unjust, unconscionable and wrong. There is no sugarcoating it. Ms Lawrence was shockingly and unceremoniously denied a seat in the National Assembly…Petty politics by an insecure, vindictive and fading caudillo adopting a sanctimonious posture must not ostracise and banish capable, competent and worthy leaders”! Granger, Khan insisted in his phillippic that was widely circulated by the PNC faithful, selected only “ineffective and docile Members of Parliament”.
Whew!! Quite a mouthful, wasn’t it? Now, like Hitler, there’s no question Granger bears a lot of responsibility for events after the NCM – especially the five months following the Mingoed March 3 elections. But what about all those worthies who were advising and facilitating him in his atrocities against the constitution and the Guyanese people?? Like, say, Jordan, Nagamootoo and their “war break”? Or the entire lot excepting Gaskin, who drank the “anomalies” cool aid and insisted the PPP rigged the elections?
Looking on as an outsider – but as a Guyanese who recognises that there needs to be a strong Opposition party for our parliamentary democracy to flourish – your Eyewitness feels that while it’s absolutely necessary Granger MUST go, it’s not SUFFICIENT for the survival of the PNC to perform its role as a “loyal opposition” and a “government in waiting”.
Your Eyewitness has a simple method for deciding who must be winnowed out from the leadership ranks. First are those provocateurs who’re stoking the flames of racial hatred from without and within. Bun dem!
Second are those whose visas were yanked by the Yanks!! Banish dem!

…against uncontrolled immigration
Your Eyewitness noted, with delight, the forthright remarks by our Honorable Attorney General on the almost 1000 Cubans waiting over in Suriname to cross into our country. No way, Jose! he said in so many words. Now, your Eyewitness appreciates the plight of the Cubans, who evidently want to use Guyana as a transit point to Brazil and further afield. Just as he appreciates the plight of the long-suffering Haitians who were apprehended a couple of weeks ago while trying to do the same thing.
But, to repeat the point he’s making, we have to take a stand on our border policy. In this increasingly globalised world, when capital flows are controlled for all sorts of reasons – like money laundering etc – Labour also has to be controlled. For reasons such as migrant or human trafficking etc.
With headlines across the world screaming about our “highest in the world” growth rates, all sorts of characters will be zooming in – literally. Notice the arrest of that Nigerian con-man!
Spell out and enforce, the conditions for entry!

…NIS screw-ups
Yes, your Eyewitness is aware of the scatological imputations of “screw-up”. But he can only cheer President Ali’s directive to the Reg 2 NIS official to fix their bumbling IMMEDIATELY!
The times are a changin’!