Carl Greenidge – the man who so loves his country he retained his British Citizenship for four decades while he held all sorts of public appointments until he was stripped of the Foreign Ministry – has threatened to sue caretaker President Granger’s former energy advisor for US$1 million!! Yes…US greenbacks, in our Guyanese jurisdiction where our dollar’s still the legal currency. Why? Well…erm…because he’s so used to thinking “foreign”??
But seriously folks…to the extent, you can take self-serving types like Greenidge seriously! – why the threatened lawsuit?? Seems the former energy advisor claimed that Greenidge was one of three governmental officers who were responsible for the Government keeping mum on the now-infamous “oil contract” of Raphael Trotman. And this allegation, Dear Reader, Greenidge insists has so damaged and defamed his once stellar reputation that he’s suffered much “distress”.
Not only from the psychic pain and suffering of mental distress but, he added, if he were to retire from “public service” – he was made “Director-General” in the Foreign Ministry after his dual citizenship disqualified him from being Minister – then his job prospects would be severely impaired!! But why would Greenidge consider job hunting just days before the elections?? Isn’t he telegraphing that he doesn’t believe the PNC coalition ain’t gonna win?? Is he throwing the PNC under the bus in the hope that the new PPP Government might look at him favourably??
But back to Greenidge and the ducking of the terms of the oil contract – which would include the mysterious US$18 million bonus-that-was-not-a-bonus. The rationale offered publicly by one and all after the yucky stuff finally hit the fan, was that the secrecy was necessary ‘cause those nasty socialist Venezuelans would find out we were going to use the said US$18 million to pay those high prices US lawyers to defeat their border controversy at the World Court!! No one in the Government – from Granger down to the cleaning lady – has backed away from this assertion.
Now let’s ask a simple question. Who was in charge of looking out for our border interests while the oil contract was being negotiated?? Wasn’t it the same Greenidge?? And wouldn’t he have been the one to make the argument about the Venezuelan threats and the need for lawyers’ fees and all that?? So why has he gotten his buckta all in a knot?? Really, wasn’t he just doing his job??
And that raises the further question: why Greenidge’s other two colleagues mentioned by the energy advisor – Trotman and Jordan – haven’t claimed their reputations were sullied? Is it because Greenidge has thin skin?
Or perchance, bereft of a presidential pension, he’s looking for some other security in his dotage??

…just ANY private houses
After the Opposition threatened to rise up in arms against GECOM’s unilateral, arbitrary and discriminatory reduction of polling places, the full GECOM Commission – plus the CEO of the Secretariat – met with them. And they seemed to have reached a compromise…sort of. GECOM will create some twelve new polling places in three locations. But this latest brouhaha just reveals the latest OCCASION for the war on exercising our franchise; not the CAUSE of the war!!
And for identifying that cause, GECOM’s gotta answer the question as to why most of the private houses used in 2015 as polling places were removed from PPP “strongholds”?? That answer would address another previous question as to why Patterson’s clandestine H2H order was initiated without the approval of the full Commission!! Or all the other actions of GECOM which SOMEHOW seem to disadvantage the PPP! And the answer isn’t blowin’ in no wind, my friend. All these actions were undertaken by the SECRETARIAT.
No one’s followed up on the latter’s ERC-criticised hiring practices!!
The Commission proposes, but the Secretariat DISPOSES!!

…this PNC racism??
Sugar workers are denied a “retro” increase to Jan 2019 by the Government. But when striking RUSAL workers obviously didn’t receive any salaries – NICIL has stepped in to pay them after the union’s request.
Oh, justice!!…