Wasting time… with failed strategy

Your Eyewitness had hoped that with the new year, the PNC would’ve put on a new thinking cap, as they do what all political parties seek to do – take over the reins of Government. The last couple of years had seen them shooting themselves in the foot after they got their chance in 2015. That success had ended their 23 years in the political wilderness as they sought to adapt to a Brave New World opened up by the “third wave of democracy” – occasioned by the end of the Cold War in 1988.
But it’s already clear they haven’t learnt anything from the facticity of being ejected after serving just one short term. Cause even though they’ve blamed Granger for their ouster, they missed the entire lesson as to WHY that happened. And in so doing, they’re guaranteeing they ain’t gonna be getting near the Office of the President anytime soon. Granger had been brought in by Corbin to change the IMAGE of the PNC – which he’d represented through his pugnacious engagements against the PPP back in the day. He realised, after almost a decade as leader, that the PNC needed a makeover to be seen as “kinder and gentler” to gain crossover support. Granger fit the bill, and the votes were brought in by the originally skittish AFC.
They lost because, once ensconced in office, Granger insisted on” fulfilling the legacy of Burnham”!! Imagine that! He promptly kicked the AFC – and their critical crossover votes from the Indian-Guyanese community – in the teeth!! As old people say, “knock gat knock back”, and the PNC were duly knocked out of Government. So, your Eyewitness expected that the new leaders of the PNC – if they were rational – to go back to what worked for them between 2011 and 2015 to get their foot through the Government’s door.
But no…Aubrey Norton looks determined to repeat Corbin’s experience after succeeding Hoyte as PNC leader. This promised an “in your face” confrontational strategy against the PPP. And even though he may’ve had second thoughts on confrontational politics – as was signalled by a new year interview – he’s gonna have to put his money where his mouth is. Cause this happened to Corbin, and he never recovered his credibility among the PNC base.
So the PNC’s now going to the Courts over the NRF Bill – even though they refused to debate it in the National Assembly in favour of invading the Government’s benches and the Speaker’s Mace! This “Judicialization” of politics – as was pointed out by two impartial UWI academics – abdicates Oppositional responsibilities.
And encourages extra-parliamentary uprisings! Which will guarantee the PNC a long sabbatical from office!!

…on brotherly love
The brouhaha over “Affaire Umbrella” signals why we may never get out of the quicksand of the sick political culture in our dear mudland. Here it is, a PNC fella did what all the woke folks advise us all to do: see ourselves as “one people” and try to lift up our poor from their misery. He happened to know – or be friends with – some rich business folks.  And knowing of the ground conditions in the rural location his own business is located, he asked his business friend to assist in what’s become quite commonplace in the last 2 years – handing out 500 hampers.
The entire PNC and THEIR “woke” brigade erupted into righteous indignation!! The PNC businessman had evidently committed two mortal sins. He’d exposed his constituency to being called “hungry belly” so and so’s, and, more pertinently, had exposed himself as an Uncle Tom of the highest order to’ve held an umbrella over the head of donor of the hampers!!
Seems only a brother can be a brother’s keeper!!

…by “holding” it
Kenny Rogers offered some sage advice when he crooned, “You gotta know when to hold it and know when to fold it.”
The Omicron mutant will make us fold it on a shut down. But never on the protocols – masks, distancing and sanitising.