Watchdog …for PNC’s survival

The countdown to the PNC leadership elections inexorably continues. The “moving finger writes…” and all that jazz. But we can’t ignore what the finger wrote!! In fact, that’s what it’s all about, ain’t it, Alfie? Unfortunately for the PNC, what’s being written is setting the stage for a ding-dong battle that’s sure to tear the party apart. Already there were eyebrows raised when Chairwoman Volda Lawrence – quite popular in Georgetown among the female base that’s the backbone of the PNC ever since they doted on the scholar Forbes Burnham back in the day – remained on the sidelines.
With Granger having lost every ounce of credibility – not because he was outed as a “Sanctimonious Gangster” – but because he couldn’t “pull a Burnham” and stare down the US, she coulda been a contender! Now we’ll never know, will we, whether a woman could lead the PNC. Winnie Gaskin tried, but unfortunately, she was going up against the Founder Leader himself.
Basil Williams showed the best sense he’s displayed in a decade when he dropped out of a race in which he wasn’t even in the paddock, much less the starting gates!! Maybe getting that “SC” wised him up? Anyhow, your Eyewitness is hoping the extra week would give Van West-Charles time to follow Basil’s example. After all, he doesn’t seem to have Basil’s oversized ego (folks like Basil have to develop compensatory mechanisms!) and by now he should see the writing on the wall. And his name just ain’t on any wall!! Your Eyewitness won’t rehearse the reasons why – save to say that as a one-trick pony, being Burnham’s son-in-law, it was never gonna take him very far. He had 36 years to show his mettle – if he had any – after the man died on an operating table when he was Minister of Health. And he never came through!
So, we’re down to a two-man race – with Norton and Harmon each champing at the bit to go down that last lap that’s now fittingly called “Homestretch Avenue”. And herein lies the danger for the PNC. There’s so much riding on the outcome of the race – not just for the two horses, but for their backers (handlers?) that all sorts of nasty accusations are flying fast and furious. And the PNC stands in danger of a “Thucydides Trap” – that is, a war might break out between the two candidates because of the actions of their backers!
For instance, there was one very arrogant and arrogating letter from one of Norton’s partisans in the press, which will inevitably draw just as obnoxious a response from Harmon’s corner.
These blows can cripple the PNC, which need all hands on deck to be an effective Opposition!

…on the Oil Fund
Many Guyanese are wondering why, with monies from our oil shipments that’s going into our account at the NY Fed for two years – and now amounting to more than US$600 million – isn’t any being spent. They obviously are part of the of citizenry whose eyes glaze over when the technical details of finance are being discussed! They only want to hear about the spending bit – especially if they think it’s gonna end up in their pockets!!
So, let’s back up a bit. Remember after the NCM was passed on Dec 20, 2018 and the PNC coalition was thereafter illegally squatting in office? Well, THAT’S when they chose to pass a Natural Resource Fund (NRF) that would control how the oil funds would be spent. Then and there, the PPP declared they didn’t recognise that piece of legislation and would enact one that would be both transparent and development-friendly.
So, let’s stop with all the speculation and wait till Thursday, to see what the PPP’s proposing.

…or pit bull Opposition?
In a parliamentary system, the Opposition’s supposed to be a watchdog on the Government over the nation’s affairs. This doesn’t mean they must attack every initiative of the Government.
Their job is to SCRUTINISE!!