Water quality in Albion Front, Corentyne

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Water Incorporated have taken note of a recent letter to the editor in the media, raising concerns about the quality of water provided to Albion Front, Corentyne Berbice residents.
We wish to reiterate that the high iron concentration referred to in the letter is not unique to the Corentyne, Berbice area. In fact, it is a common occurrence among aquifer wells along the coastal belt of Guyana.
It is because of this that we have implemented a robust schedule for the flushing of pipelines. This aims to reduce the iron content built up in pipelines, thus ensuring an improved quality of water supplied to residents.
Additionally, water supply levels in the aforementioned areas have remained consistently high, but have suffered some bad days, owing to frequent Guyana Power and Light (GPL) phase outs. These electrical issues contribute to water service disruptions, and even damaged pumps and motors at our well stations.
Nevertheless, residents can be assured that, in keeping with our mission, we are working assiduously to ensure that at least 90 percent of the coastland receives a regular supply of treated water. In this regard, areas such as Albion, Fyrish and Chesney stand to benefit.

Kind regards,
Guyana Water