WCB freak storm: Building materials to be available for affected residents – CDC

…as CIOG distributes food hampers

Following a storm between Friday night and Saturday morning that affected residents of Bath Settlement, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice), the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) has been able to assess the damages and is expected to distribute one hundred hampers to affected residents.
Nineteen buildings situated at Plantation Hope and Experiment were severely affected.
The CDC is expected to distribute 100 hampers to affected families today.
According to regional parliamentary representative Fizal Jaffarally, the supplies have already arrived in the region. He explained that there are fifty food hampers and fifty cleaning hampers.
Between Friday night and Saturday morning, heavy winds coupled with rain removed zinc sheets from several buildings while flattening two. There were varying degrees of damage to properties and structures, mainly roofs and fences.
According to the CDC, a cone-shaped bout of wind was seen moving temporarily overhead.
In a release, the CDC noted that the assessment team initiated its assessment at the Northern end of the impacted area.
“During their assessment it was noted that almost two kilometres (1.2 miles) of property were affected along a straight path heading northeast to southwest,” the release said in part.
The community primarily consists of farmers and as such; some crops, chicken pens and storage sheds were also significantly impacted. One resident reported that a number of her baby chickens died as a result of the storm.
Residents of Bath Settlement also reported that many household appliances, furniture, mechanical and electrical equipment, clothing, school supplies and a motorcycle all suffered extensive damage.
Zinc sheets were seen scattered sporadically in several yards, belonging to several properties throughout the area, the CDC said.
According to the CDC, a quantity of food and cleaning hampers have been delivered to the Regional Chairman and are being distributed.
Additionally, efforts are underway to assist those persons impacted by Saturday’s storm and they can begin to receive replacement sheets today, the CDC said.
On Saturday Public Service Minister Sonia Parag reassured that assistance will be provided to the affected residents through the Office of the Prime Minister among other agencies.
Many have since been forced to seek alternative means of preparing food and there are reports that two persons have to be relocated after their properties were damaged.

Meanwhile, on Saturday the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) distributed 50 food hampers to affected residents.
The storm, which started before midnight, was coupled with heavy rainfall, thunder and lightning resulting in utility poles being moved and electrical wires coming into contact with fences causing sparks.
Meanwhile, the Hydrometeorological Office through the Ministry of Agriculture has advised all residents countrywide to prepare for consistent rainfall as the rainy season is in full effect. Between 30mm (1.1 inches) and 70mm (2.7 inches) of rainfall is expected over the next twenty-four (24) hours. Persons are urged to contact their local authorities if they are impacted in any way or the National Emergency Monitoring System. (G4)