“We are not giving up on lumber” – Todd

Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister, Hugh Todd said the PPP/C Government is committed to revitalising the country’s traditional industries for the betterment of every citizen.

Minister Hugh Todd with residents of Christianburg, Linden, Region 10

He made this statement during his visit to the logging community of Batooba, Demerara River, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice).
The Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister explained that the Government will be working to develop the logging industry.
“We are not going to be giving up on lumber, we are going to ensure that we use the revenues from oil to transform those sectors. You will be a part of that.”
He added that “this community is based on logging; we know what are your needs for logging… We know that you need incentives so that you can expand and grow your business. We will cater to you… We are going to give you enough space and room to exploit your business venture to its fullest potential.”
Todd noted that through the use of the $383 billion national budget, and the other revenues generated, the Government will continue to meet and exceed the needs of citizens over the next five years.
“It is about providing you with good healthcare, good education, and good infrastructure to ensure we move forward together as one people, one nation, one destiny with balanced development,” he added.
He further noted that among the other goals for the region and the country at large, providing jobs is key.
“The President did mention that we are about creating jobs. We are an emerging oil and gas economy. We will be getting revenues to help to diversify the economy so that we could move beyond just primary products and we can start adding value, and by adding value that will help us to create more jobs,” Todd posited.
Furthermore, the Minister explained that the end goal is to stomp out poverty and to push development.
“We believe in development from the bottom up. Real development can only be felt if the ordinary man’s life is transformed for the better. We are here to transform the lives of the working class to move each and every Guyanese to the middle class,” the Minister said.
Todd further made reference to the President’s recent inaugural address to the 12th Parliament, where he detailed his vision for Guyana over the next five years.
The Minister noted that the President’s vision is one that was birthed by the people. Additionally, he recalled that the vision is one of inclusiveness and respect for each and every citizen.
“We are focused on a culture of oneness,” he added.
Moreover, the Minister posited that under the Dr Irfaan Ali Administration, there will be a high degree of fairness and the equal distribution of resources regardless of disabilities, political background and gender. (G15)