“We are not your enemies” – Police commander to youths

Regional Commander for Region Four C, Khali Pareshram

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is encouraging persons across Guyana especially teenagers, who are involved in criminal activities, to see that ranks of the Police Force are their friends and not their enemies.
That statement was made by Regional Commander for Region Four C Police Division, Khali Pareshram during an episode of “Police and You” on Tuesday.
At the time, the Commander was responding to a question related to teenagers being involved in criminal activities.
He stated that based on the Police’s analysis, a number of teenagers were involved in crime. As a result, he said the Force has been working with teens to curb the situation.
“We have seen that most of the persons involved in the criminal acts, they have come from all communities. However, they have come from broken homes, some of them may not have the opportunity of completing even a primary school when you do check on the background of them…,” he said.
The Commander said that in his division they have been targeting youths in at least 10 communities. He said currently his district has 10 youth groups and 10 scout groups.
“We need to work with them, because if there is nobody to engage them, to work with them and to show them what is life, to give them a skill, they will fall either to peer pressure or groups. What I have observed is that …older folks are now engaging those said youths, to get them into crime, or to get them to be involved in criminal activities.”
“Do not see the Police as your enemies, we are your friends,” the Commander said.
Pareshram also made reference to persons who are fearful of coming to the Police for assistance, or even to share information. He said those persons should not have such feelings towards the Police.
The Commander assured that all information provided to the Police would be kept confidential. (G9)