“We can produce oil & gas as a responsible company” – ExxonMobil

…intends to play leading role in Guyana’s energy transition

Head of ExxonMobil’s Upstream Oil and Gas, Liam Mallon has affirmed that the company can produce oil and gas while, at the same time, meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement – an international treaty on climate change to which Guyana is a signatory.
Speaking at a forum organised by the Guyana Government on Thursday, Mallon expressed that ExxonMobil is committed to creating sustainable solutions that improve quality of life and meets society’s evolving needs.
“We fundamentally believe that within the energy mix and the transition that’s evolving, that oil and gas would remain a critical component of that mix regardless of the scenario and really, importantly, we can produce oil and gas as a responsible company and at the same time, lower emissions and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement,” he stated.
This balance, he said, is critical and distinguishing for ExxonMobil. He outlined that at the top of the company’s strategic priorities is to be an “essential partner” in Guyana’s development and transition towards greener energy.
“We achieve being an essential partner when we achieve win-win solutions for our customers, our partners…our broader stakeholders, and of course, most importantly, for the communities in which we operate,” he expressed.
Mallon added that the company believes in “creating these affordable, low emissions energy solutions” such as the Government’s gas-to-energy project earmarked for Wales on the West Bank of Demerara (WBD).
Initiatives like these, he indicated, advance global prosperity.
“We intend to play the leading role in that energy transition,” the ExxonMobil rep stated.
“So, success in Guyana is not just success in Guyana, it will have far-reaching impacts across the globe,” Mallon further posited.
And in these ventures, he emphasised that the best way to get things done is through “collaborative partnership”.
“Working with governments, working with communities, being the most responsible partner/operator of choice is what we do every single day and we’re intent on sustainable development that will last long beyond when oil and gas will last,” Mallon affirmed.
The ExxonMobil senior official made these remarks at an event hosted by President Dr Irfaan Ali to brief stakeholders on the gas-to-energy project which is expected to deliver clean and cheaper energy to the local population and contribute to a regional energy masterplan. Beyond that, the project is expected to support the development of other sectors of the economy.
Mallon pointed out how remarkable the country’s development within the past seven years has been, expressing that “this was a frontier area in less than six/seven years ago, meaning, no significant discoveries were made despite many decades of trying and in seven years, it’s gone from a frontier area to being one of the most prolific areas in the world and now…there are two massive floating production vessels operating and there are six drilling rigs operating, multiple service boats and we’re creating a burgeoning industry that will be unparalleled as we go forward”.
“And you think about that all happening in basically five years. The average in industry for this type of operation is nine plus,” he explained. (G11)