We must be cautious!

Dear Editor,
If history has taught us anything, it is that those who plunder come when there is wealth to be had. We must be cautious not to become 2nd class citizens in our own land. Entrepreneurs are already losing business to Trinidadian firms. European companies are considering establishing exclusive foot holds that our citizens can only access as servants.
Our gold is leaving our shores and strengthening the currency and economy of Canada. Our oil wealth has strengthened the few while a small number of unscrupulous officials filled their pockets. To date, no one has been charged with treason while the sale of our patrimony continues. We must not take a step backwards in our history.
Guyana is for Guyanese first and foremost. There is no reason for our citizens to be destined to a life of servitude in our own land while foreigners are given the best we have to offer in exchange for disrespectful behaviour and inadequate compensation.
At this stage of our development, it is best to continue an arms-length approach to our development through integration with foreign investors.
Utilising our people in the development of our economy must go beyond where it is today, and the opportunities must be protected so our local teams can capitalise on them. Bring on board the foreign firms that will make the training and development of our people a top priority in exchange for our people managing their businesses on our shores.
In Guyana, only Guyanese should be able to own land until our families are financially established. Foreigners should be allowed to lease, but only through the Government, with clear conditions in the contract over the mineral and subterranean wealth of the leased land. Our land is not just a warehouse where anyone may take the goods within it while exhibiting no concern nor care for the warehouse and whether it is destroyed in the process.
Those we have placed in charge to safeguard that our land does not get destroyed need to be financially audited on an ongoing basis to ensure that their integrity has not been compromised. Betrayal is too easy for those of low character when new wealth is tempting them to break the rules and turn their backs on our land and our people.
Comrades, our history has taught us that many have plundered our land and while doing so they regarded our people of little worth. We must remain cautious not to undo the rights and privileges that we have fought hard for over the years. Remember, a good guest is also a respectful guest who does not covet our homes and take that which is not offered. No man nor woman allows a guest into their house to take control of it and become master over them. If this occurs, then eventually it will no longer be yours. We must prevent this from occurring in Guyana. It is better to be content with what is ours than to be wanting of that which can destroy us over time and take away our freedom.
Jamil Changlee