We must not lose sight of the larger opportunity

Dear Editor,
In the spirit of cooperation, local and regional development, I must commend the Government on its ability to look beyond the problems of the recent past. Caricom is an organisation that offers the opportunity to build trade, settle disputes, and improve international competitiveness.
The current discussion on local content in the public domain should not create a conflict that hinders trade within Caricom. As with every Caricom member country, Guyana has a right to define the way it interacts on a business level with other countries within Caricom and the larger Commonwealth. The treaties that have been signed to improve trade and cooperation, if not aligned with our country’s current strategy, should be relooked at and re-negotiated. Our local content policy is there to foster growth and development within our citizenry, and as a sovereign nation, we have the right to develop our people and their businesses. Our comrades outside of our borders also have the right to do the same for their citizens, and it is for this very reason that trade agreements are put in place.
There are things that each country has chosen to focus on to develop their product and service offering within the community, and where it is advantageous to the community, an agreement is struck. We must also not lose sight of the larger opportunity to develop synergistically an offering which allows Caricom members to compete more effectively as a unified body within the larger international markets.

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee