We must remain vigilant against external and internal threats – Minister Walrond

Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister Oneidge Walrond has warned Guyanese that they must remain vigilant against external and internal threats to the country and to their wellbeing.
During her feature address at the 58th Independence Anniversary observances at Triumph, East Coast Demerara on Friday, Walrond highlighted the formidable obstacles faced from external threats and internal challenges as Guyana forges its nationhood. She recounted the historical struggles, including threats on the Western frontier; the occupation of Ankoko Island; the attempted secession in the Rupununi; and the challenges on the eastern border at the New River Triangle.

Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister Oneidge Walrond

She also pointed to an “unbridled assault” on the right of the Guyanese people to choose their own representatives, and said: “This assault was repeated in 1973, 1980 and 1985; and unbelievably, after 28 years, such an assault on our Independence was again attempted in 2020.
“This is part of our history; on the face of it, not a particularly pleasant history, but difficult as it may be, it must be confronted as we continue to travel our journey as an independent nation,” the minister has said.
She added that while we pursue goals of development and prosperity, we must also remain watchful of those who seek to undermine our progress, or infringe upon our sovereignty.
“We must stand united as Guyanese, and let our collective voices echo across the borders,” she recommended.
She declared that Guyana is well-poised to become an economic powerhouse in the region and beyond, and highlighted the transformation occurring across the country even as she emphasised the vast opportunities available to all Guyanese.

Minister Walrond and senior officers of the disciplined services at the flag-raising ceremony on the ECD on Friday night

In regard to Guyana’s journey of Independence, Minister Walrond noted the progress made and the continued commitment to national development and unity. She spoke of the significant support given to small businesses through grants and training, and also referenced the active engagement with tourism stakeholders in Region 4, and the launch of several experiential tours that have significantly enhanced the tourism products within the region.
Minister Walrond has called on the Guyanese people to refocus their attention on national goals such as food security, capacity development, diversification, and building a robust economy, and mentioned initiatives such as the GOAL Scholarship programme, the Student Loan Write-Off initiative, and the upcoming provision of free tuition at the University of Guyana as steps towards creating a more educated society and facilitating the emergence of new generations of free and independent thinkers.
She is urging the Guyanese people to work together as a nation in love, respect and unity, and to partner with the Government to realize the dream of a prosperous country.